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Snake Rivals Review!

“Snake and slither your way to become the king of snakes in this multiplayer battle arena!

Play with friends or solo in epic battles and fight to be the legendary last one standing in Battle Royale, or relax, build up your tactics and complete rewarding quests in Classic mode.

Customize your snake as you win rewards through weekly challenges, level up and compete in games against players from all around the world or in the same room.”

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Company: Supersolid Ltd

Genre: PvP

Rated: 4+

Offers in-app Purchases

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Similar to Snake.io, the aim of the game is to grow!

Fans of Snake.io, I have a game you’re not going to want to miss! Snake Rivals is a PvP game that is extremely similar to Snake.io but with power-ups and way better graphics! Interested? You should be!

Snake Rivals begins with you, an egg, that has just hatched into a field. The field is full of apples and you need to eat them in order to grow – the more apples you eat, the bigger you’re going to get. But be careful, there are other snakes around trying to do the same thing… Make sure you don’t get killed by avoiding crashing into other snakes. Snakes will cut in front of you in order to make you crash into them, so keep an eye out!

Before the gameplay, you will get 4 power-ups to choose from. They are:

  • Fireball – this shoots fire at other snakes to make them smaller
  • Ghost – this makes you small and barely visible to other snakes
  • Magnet – this picks up apples around you as you move
  • Magnet Blast – this picks up a whole bunch of apples from one place

My personal favorite was the magnet as I was able to grow a lot faster.


Screenshot-2019-11-15-at-15.25.21-1024x465 Snake Rivals

The graphics are brilliant!

As I said, the graphics for Snake Rivals are a huge upgrade from Snake.io. Not only can you customize your snakes, but you have emotes that other players can see when you win and the power-up buttons are very in your face so you don’t forget.

Customizing your snake is super fun, and I liked making mine colorful to stand out from the others!

Music & Sounds

The music is very upbeat and loud during the gameplay, this keeps the casual feel to it. As you collect the apples, there are clicking noises that get fairly annoying. Or you find them satisfying. There’s no in-between.


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Control by dragging your finger!

To move your snake, swipe in any direction. I automatically did this on the right-hand side of the screen, but I felt like using the left-hand side allowed me more control of my snake. Which was a good thing, because the power-ups and speed boosts sit perfectly on the right. The power-up controls last for about 15 seconds before they run out, but there is always more to collect that are hovering around!

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The Power of in-app Purchases

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Purchase coins, gems, and power-ups!

Snake Rivals is based around using power-ups, so it’s definitely worth buying some from the store. Here’s what you can currently purchase:

Limited Time Offer

  • Rare snake, 100 gems and x2 power-ups for £4.99

Free Stuff

  • Chest every 4 hours
  • Gems if you watch a video
  • Coins if you watch a video


  • Gold bundle x10 +2 free for 3000 gems


  • 80 gems for £0.99
  • 450 gems for £4.99
  • 950 gems for £9.99
  • 2000 gems for £19.99
  • 5000 gems for £48.99
  • 12000 gems for £99.99


  • x20 fireballs for 135 gems
  • x10 ghosts for 75 gems
  • x20 magnets for 75 gems
  • x20 magnet blasts for 135 gems
  • x10 bundle for 225 gems
  • x20 bundle for 420 gems

The Verdict

IMG_6324-1024x473 Snake Rivals

What did you think of Snake Rivals?!

Snake Rivals has easily become one of my favorite casual games out there. As someone who has always been obsessed with all of the io games on the app store, this is definitely the new and improved version! The only thing I would change is the sounds.

If you decide to download Snake Rivals, let us know what you think and if you agree or disagree with the things we said. Happy gaming and stay casual!

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Snake Rivals Overall Rating: 5/5

iOS Link

Android Link

Company: Supersolid Ltd

Genre: PvP

Rated: 4+

Offers in-app Purchases

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