World of Tanks Blitz MMO

World of Tanks Blitz MMO Review!

“Jump into a free-to-play mobile MMO action shooter featuring a huge roster of over 300 massive tanks, stunning graphics, and intuitive touch-screen controls. Take on short, action-packed 7-vs-7 tank battles where real and alternate histories collide-no matter where you are!

World of Tanks Blitz is built specifically for optimal online mobile gameplay and is currently available on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

“The very best multiplayer you’ll find for your mobile.”

– Pocket Gamer

“A lot of tanks, a lot of people and a lot of fun.”

– IGN”

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Company: WARGAMING Group Limited

Genre: Strategy

Rated: 12+

Offers in-app Purchases


The gameplay is fun and doesn’t last any longer than 5 minutes!

World of Tanks is an MMO game where you are a tank, and it’s your job to take down all the players in the opposing team. To do this, you need accuracy with your shooting and moving, helping your teammates while also taking down your enemies. The gameplay is simple and pretty slow in terms of getting through the game. You have 5 minutes to kill the tanks on the other team but the game is usually over before then. My only issue is that you can only move a certain speed and it’s frustrating because of how slow it is – I do understand why, though, tanks aren’t exactly fast. I know this can be frustrating to people, like myself, that are used to fast-paced shooting games


The graphics are great!

The graphics are in tune with the genre of the game. The colors are very earthy, and dark. However, they’re pretty basic in terms of quality and how the background and items around you don’t move (apart from the tanks). I also thought it was a bit silly that you can just smash through boxes, trees, and other things that get in the way. I feel like if you were forced to go around them, I’d be a bit more impressed with the graphics.

Music & Sounds

The sounds in the gameplay are very war-based, with sirens and a commander talking to you ever so often. There’s nothing special about the sounds, but it fits in with the genre of the game and the overall gameplay.

World of Tanks actually has no music which is pretty rare when it comes to app games, and I don’t mind it because sometimes added music can become irritating and ruin the game as a whole.


The controls are a little hard to follow at times!

For an MMO game, the controls are poor. I don’t like how the buttons are placed and I don’t think there’s a feature to customize them either. In the bottom left-hand corner, you have the joystick that’ll move your tank, on the left and the right you have a button that’ll let you shoot, but there’s a timer on it so you have to wait for it to turn green so you can shoot again. On the top left and bottom right, there’s a speech bubble that allows you to communicate with your teammates but no one seems to bother with it. Underneath the shoot button, there’s a control that puts you into sniper mode so you can destroy teammates from far away.

I really had a hard time getting used to the controls as you can probably see from the gameplay video. It was hard to move, frustrating going slowly and difficult to aim. There were numerous occasions where I aimed properly, but I made no damage to my enemy. It was really annoying.

The Power of in-app Purchases

You can purchase many items from the store, but it isn’t needed!

There’s so much to get from the store so I’ll break it down to make it easier to understand.


  • 4250 gold for £8.99
  • 2000 gold for £4.99
  • 500 gold for £0.99
  • 34500 gold for £84.99
  • 27000 gold for £64.99
  • 17500 gold for £43.99
  • 8500 gold for £21.99
  • 3250 gold for £8.99
  • 1500 gold for £4.99
  • 250 gold for £0.99


  • 350 days for 16000 gold
  • 180 days for 10000 gold
  • 30 days for 2500 gold
  • 7 days for 1250 gold
  • 3 days for 650 gold
  • 1 day for 250 gold


  • IS-6 for 7600 gold
  • T34 for 7600 gold
  • Löwe for 7500 gold
  • JgTig.8,8cm for 7400 gold
  • FCM 50 t for 7350 gold
  • T26E4 for 7200 gold


  • Common Container – 3 for free, after that it costs 65000 credits
  • Big Container for 300 gold
  • Huge Container for 600 gold


  • For every one piece of gold, you can get 400 credits


  • Universal Booster Pack for 4200 gold
  • 100 Combat XP Boosters for 2250 gold
  • 50 Combat XP Boosters for 1150 gold
  • 10 Combat XP Boosters for 240 gold

In my honest opinion, I don’t feel like it’s worth purchasing anything from the store. It’s pretty easy to win games and you are rewarded with new tanks ever so often. But if you’re a regular player of World of Tanks, you may find some use out of in-app purchases.

The Verdict

What did you think of World of Tanks?

World of Tanks can be a pretty fun game if you can get used to the slow moving and the weirdly placed controls. It definitely requires skill and strategy, especially since if you take a wrong turning it’s going to be a pain to turn back around, but I always love playing games with people around the world. It’s a great way to find friends and bond with like-minded people.

It’s a good game to play if you only have a few minutes to spare as the games last no longer than 5 minutes so it’s not going to drag out. But honestly, I found myself playing it quite a few times rather than just once because it’s quite addicting.

If you decide to download World of Tanks, let us know what you think and if you agree or disagree with any of the things we said. Happy gaming and stay casual!

World of Tanks Blitz MMO Overall Rating: 3/5

iOS Link:

Android Link:

Company: WARGAMING Group Limited

Genre: Strategy

Rated: 12+

Offers in-app Purchases