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Warrior Saga Review

Edit:  Please note that this game’s server no longer exists and is not playable by any means.  Bummer.  Was a great game!

– Largest Pixel War You Never Seen Before
Different from other pixel games with easy battle mode, Warrior Saga supports 50 VS 50 battles. Reject the easy and brainless fight, arrange the suitable warriors, use the strong magic at the correct time. Defeat the most powerful evil with correct strategy! – Warrior Saga

iOS Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/warrior-saga-pixel-adventure/id1403701580?mt=8

Android Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.herogame.gplay.rpg.warriorsaga&hl=en_US

Company: HK Hero Entertainment Co.

Genre: Games, MMORPG

Rated: 9+

Offers in-app Purchases

Let’s talk about a game that’s been in my phone for some time now.  Hailed as the number one free pixel MMORPG of 2018 Warrior Saga covers multiple universes in it’s story.  With over 100 warriors and more being added, there’s an endless formation of warriors from across time-space and galaxies to fight at your call!


IMG_0186 Warrior Saga

Warrior Saga has some pretty epic battles!

For the sake of this article, I won’t go into massive detail with this game.  Just enough to show some of the features and highlight some of the better parts of action.  If you do want an in-depth guide I would suggest the MrGuider website.

Warrior Saga starts off simple enough in a tutorial to give you a quick run-down of some basics.  You are banded by duty (and at some times really bad language translations) with your starting heroes to defeat the devil.   This pledge to defeat the devil becomes a galaxy space-time trip (pretty crazy, right?) to amass power to defeat the devil, and ultimately becoming the devil in it’s place!

To amass power, you must conquer other players and NPCs by destroying their flags on the battlefield.  This is done with the help of heroes that are obtained as you continue to casually crush your enemies.  When you are not making a name for yourself on the battlefield, most of the heroes hang out in your very own Hero tower!  If you have made it this far, I’m proud of you!  Because the other heroes you get are based loosely off some rather famous fictional characters  and there’s over 100.  Don’t believe me?

IMG_0822-1024x473 Warrior Saga

Some of these guys seem “Familiar.”

At any rate, this brings a welcoming familiarity to the fight.  With your heroes, it’s up to you to play to your best strategy with what you have!


D288AD46-9E6E-4DD6-BFF2-F6D990F86533-1024x768 Warrior Saga

That Yakuza looks…pretty Naruto-y

It’s almost magically when a game has the graphics that goes with the game-play.  The polished pixel style of the game allows for all the extra detail into the game to shine. The maps and other areas in the game are refined enough to find anything to guide you to your next menu/fight.  Menus have always been a huge deal for me as they usually serve as the source of most of your gaming time.  Another wonderful aspect of Warrior Saga is that as you level up your heroes, you get a visual display of how much XP everyone is getting.  This is huge in games like these because you only get so many for free!


IMG_0183-1024x768 Warrior Saga

Hey Look! it’s a Super…Fighter?

Warrior Saga has music for different parts of it.  Sadly, it’s only a 30 second or so loop.  It’s still enjoyable to leave on while playing.  When you start the game, if you are a Spotify user as myself, it will shut off your music until the game loads into the start menu.  Outside music can play while you are playing Warrior Saga, but some of the sound effect noises will be clipped.  It’s nothing extremely noticeable, and I love games you can play while still jamming to my favorite playlist.


IMG_0184 Warrior Saga

Warrior Saga’s Heroes can combo with each other to create devastating attacks!

Thankfully, Warrior Saga’s controls are touch and click.  Most of the setups happens in the menus before you start the fight.  It’s also good to note that everything in Warrior Saga is more or less…up-gradable.  The Heroes, Captain Skills, and even the Hero’s Tower can be upgraded!  Learning this is one way to stay above the competition in the game. Actually, you will eventually hit a wall if you don’t try to level in all aspects of the game.  Warrior Saga will also give you a Power Value of everything you’ve upgraded and your current devil standing.  The higher that value, the better chance you stand against high level NPCs and other players.

The Power of in-app Purchases

6408D42A-723C-4F6B-8AE5-2896CD4AB841-1024x768 Warrior Saga

SSR rank heroes can come from the Gacha Machines! Are you lucky enough?

Warrior Saga is completely free to start and stays that way for a good while.  You can get free speed ups on your buildings as you welcome more heroes you find along your journey.  You can also find Diamonds (they are red) for free while completing tasks and in the Turf War.  Once you hit mid game (40-65) you will need to find a supply of diamonds to keep up with the demands.

Everything you want to do outside of your current limits, will cost you diamonds!  If you want more food, you have to pay 50 diamonds for 100.  Want more?  now it’s 100 diamonds.  This is just one example.  Name change is 200 diamonds!  Just to change your name!  It’s safe to say that if you want to really excel in this game, you have to dump some money into it.

The good thing about this is that your money does go a long way.  Warrior Saga has what is called a Black card and for a low price, you can receive up to 400 diamonds a server day for 30 days(I’m guessing the server is set somewhere in Asia.  The reset happens for me at around 1pm PST).  You can also purchase a Diligence Card.  for $9.99 you can receive an additional 800 diamonds every server day for 30 days.

One of the main appeals for the diamonds is using them in the Gacha games.  You are able to play some of these for free, but the Elite Gacha is where all the stronger heroes reside.  If you buy the Gacha tickets in bulk, you get a mere 5% discount, and normally a bonus from the Gacha.

So the real question is:  Is this game worth spending money on?  A short answer is that it’s up to you!  You can amass some powerful heroes, but it will cost you.  If you aren’t careful, you can easily spend 20 bucks without blinking an eye.

The Verdict

IMG_0181-1024x768 Warrior Saga

Warrior Saga lives up to the name. Even Kyo is doing it!

The short answer for Warrior Saga is that it’s pretty pay to win.  There’s numerous charges for items and the idea is that you at least pay for the Diligence card or the black card for a constant source of diamonds.  With that said, it’s a pretty solid game!  There’s plenty to do besides fight other players and once you join a guild, you get diamonds and other items that help level up your heroes.

I suppose someone has to pay for all that copyright infringement. Come on U. Mecha and A. Giant!

Warrior Saga Overall Score:  4/5

iOS Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/warrior-saga-pixel-adventure/id1403701580?mt=8

Android Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.herogame.gplay.rpg.warriorsaga&hl=en_US

Company: HK Hero Entertainment Co.

Genre: Games, MMORPG

Rated: 9+

Offers in-app Purchases

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