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Play free Keno games – just like in the casinos – with the app.

This is the only app with the most popular keno games. Choose from all-time favorites like Caveman Keno, Four Card, Multi-Card Keno and, for our gold members, exclusives such as Cleopatra Keno.

The app is integrated with the Web site, so if you’re already a member, you’ll be glad to know that your Players Club points will accrue during iPad play (as long as you have an Internet connection).

New games are added frequently which gives you a sneak peek at new games – before they hit casino floors.

If you’ll be away from an Internet connection, you’ll still be able to play all the games that you’ve downloaded in the app. That means more fun game choices during your next flight, cruise, or road trip. Casino Games Links:

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Company: Action Gaming Inc.

Genre: Casino Games, Games

Rated: 17+

Hey Casual Gamers!  Have you ever wanted to try out some keno numbers but can’t get to a machine? has you covered with this causal app!

Graphics offers a variety of keno games!

The graphics are about the same as an actual keno machine.  There’s some added visuals, but outside of a few things this casual app has that feeling of being a bar, but without all the noise.  Or real money!  There’s different designs and sounds for each keno game, so if you’re bored of one, there’s many others to choose from.

Music & Sounds

Play favorites like Cleopatra Keno at home!

This casual app has no music, and i’m actually okay with that.  Most of the sounds will come your hits, misses, payouts, or bonus games.

I know the sound of a big win keeps me motivated to play, but can be played comfortable without sound.


Try your hand at Multicard keno!

So, this is the only part of the app I’m torn over.  When selecting numbers, they must be picked one by one.  No sliding over a group of numbers with this app.  There’s also no auto play button for any of the keno games!

While this doesn’t make or break, i’d love to see this be updated to include these features.  Truthfully, it might be a personal feeling, but i do enjoy auto-playing while tending to real life!

The Power of In-App Purchases

Keep track of your gameplay and other stats!

This is the best part of is that there’s no need to pay for anything!  Credit banks start at 10,000 and will replenish itself for free should you dip too low in the bank.

Well, you will have to watch a few ads.  If you rather not, there are gold and silver memberships you can purchase to no only get rid of adds, but it will save big win data that can be viewed online.


You can talk to anyone playing online in the chat room!

Overall, the app is a solid keeper.  Everything in video gambling is random, but with this useful app, you can see how your favorite plot of numbers will do without breaking the gambling stash.

Remember, just because you hit big on this casual app, doesn’t mean it will happen in real life.  That said, I see no harm in trying with this app!

Already hit your 10 spot and wanna brag about it?  Leave us a comment in the section below and share how many credits you got!

Happy Gaming, and as always, keep it casual! Overall Score:  4/5 Casino Games Links:

iOS Link:

Android Link:

Company: Action Gaming Inc.

Genre: Casino Games, Games

Rated: 17+

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