Valor Legends

Valor Legends


Exquisite graphic design!

A visual feast especially built for you – exquisite and simple art style, high-quality rendered hero models allow you to dive into this vivid world.

No more grinding!

Auto Idle while you’re away! Constantly store idle rewards while you relax!

Reset heroes with almost zero cost!

Reset your heroes to get back all materials used before! Reform various teams within a few clicks!

Share levels with your heroes!

Accept the blessing of the Blessing Temple. Instantly make your low-level Heroes stronger!

Abundant Strategies to apply!

Hundreds of unique Heroes in different factions with specific skills! Summon your Heroes, train them to become powerful warriors! Improvise your Attack and Defense Formation in a 4*4 grid map!

Real-time intense battles!

All battles happen in real-time! The victory is at hand!

Tons of Content!

Challenge the Guardians of Endless Trial; Explore the Mysterious Realms; Accept the Bounty Offers; Adventure in Magic Expedition with your strongest team! Much fun to enjoy!

Stay tuned for more changes in Valor Legends: Eternity

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Company:  Century Games PTE. LTD.

Genre:  Idle RPG

Rated: 4+

Offers in-app Purchases

Hey Casual Gamers!

It can be hard to keep up with the times of casual gaming.  Gaming has evolved as time passes, leading to developers to do things that aren’t entirely consistent with the product originally delivered.  Does this type of “new content” always work?

Valor Legends offers an Idle RPG experience with a twist of racing obstacles that lead to crashes with minimal explosions.  Does this satisfy players, and more importantly, is this worth your casual time and phone space?

Strap in for semi mandatory driving and swerve into this casual review!


Get ready to test your driving skills!

Sadly, Valor Legends really doesn’t harp much on their storyline.  Players essentially dive into a hero type RPG and get to work.  While this maybe ideal for those looking to enjoy a casual game, it does lack something in the presentation.

After a very long hand holding process, players are then introduced into what can be described as a GTA crash course.  This optional game can be skipped for no reward, but some courses do have an element of skill to them.

This is vastly different from the actual game that it really boggles the mind why this is even in this casual app.  I suppose it gears towards another way to casually play, but anyone looking to drive courses may have other issues collecting heroes.


I would love to know more about this kingdom of random heroes.

Valor Legends is rather polished and up to date when it comes to the visuals.  There is something sorely lacking in the crash levels.

Seriously, this looks like a bad port on a new system.  Not only does the racing game looks poorly, the physics of it all is rather lacking.

Everywhere else, the looks are appealing and geared in the way to keep players playing.


Bosses await heroes at the end of each map.

Valor Legends leaves very little to remember it by when it comes to background music.  Most of the sounds are rather bland and there’s no real sound that seems worth even popping headphones.

Don’t get me wrong, the music tends to match the action and theme of what this casual app is about, but it could be better.

Is it wrong of the players to want more these days?


Don’t forget to play idle campaigns to progress further!

While the original game of Valor Legends is a point and click type of adventure, the crash games are definitely in need of some help.  Players have a gas, brake and turning is done by moving left to right via fingers.

Some of the later levels do actually require some thinking, but the controls are sketchy enough to present frustration.  Of course these levels can be skipped, but who’s really playing a game to skip levels?

There’s a need to work to be better than just dumping a mediocre game on a decent one.

The Power of in-app Purchases

Check all offers for what you need before making a purchase!

One play I will give Valor Legends is that the free rewards are plentiful.  For new players, there doesn’t seem much of a reason to actually make a purchase until players are well established in this casual app.

Those looking for a free to play experience maybe in luck as there’s a huge chunk of content to get through before a purchase could be considered.

Outside of free rewards, there are rather creative ways to get a good bang for your buck.

There’s a small push for making a purchase here and there, but this casual app thankfully doesn’t push sales in player’s faces.  As a person who enjoys casual gaming, I much rather play then dodging ads.

The Verdict

Collect all the free rewards you can!

As quirky as Valor Legends is, there’s room for this app on my phone or tablet.  There’s enough of different games to keep players playing, yet there’s a shoddy storyline that players can keep up with.  There’s clearly some work needed to improve the look and feel of some games, but it’s not enough of an issue to eject it off your phone.

Those looking for a casual game that doesn’t require much from players should give this one a download.  Even if it gets forgotten in the endless void of phonespace.

Already have all the heroes and looking to show off?  Drop a comment in the section below, and let the rest of us know your favorite team comp!

Happy Gaming, and as always, keep it casual!

Valor Legends Overall Score: 4/5

Valor Legends Links:

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Company:  Century Games PTE. LTD.

Genre:  Idle RPG

Rated: 4+

Offers in-app Purchases

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