UNO! Mobile

UNO! Mobile

Play the world’s number one card game in a whole new way in UNO!™ The classic card game comes to your mobile device with all-new rules, tournaments, modes of play and much more! Whether you’re at home, on the go, an UNO veteran or completely new, UNO!™ is the ultimate competitive family-friendly game! Ready. Set. UNO!™

 Play classic UNO™ or select from a variety of new rules to play in real-time matches

 Compete in tournaments and events to win rewards and top the leaderboards

 Partner up, play in 2v2 mode and collaborate to win

 Connect anytime, anywhere with friends from around the world!

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Company: Mattel 163 Limited

Genre: Games, Card Games

Rated: 4+

Offers in-app Purchases

Hey Casual Gamers!  Man, am I super excited!  I just recently discovered one of my childhood games on my phone!  For years, UNO! has been the maker and breaker of friendships!

So does UNO! mobile live up to our childhood memories?  Lets find out in this casual review of UNO! Mobile!


Multiple modes for endless fun!














If you don’t know what UNO is about, get ready for one of the greatest cards games in the world! Each player starts with 7 cards and a one card from the top of the deck is chosen to be the starting card.

The only way to drop a card from your hand is to match either the number or the card currently in play. Sounds simple enough right?

But then there’s a few power cards different from the rest. There’s Reverse, which reverses the current order of play. Skip, which skips the person who is next.

Then there’s the epic draw cards, which can really mess up your opponents!

When you only have one card left, the word UNO must be shouted or any player can call you on it, forcing more cards to be drawn.

Matches on this casual app are limited to three minutes.

This was something that made me love this casual app. Simple instructions, random people to play with, what more could you want?


Tips can help with overall strategies!

I love and enjoy how colorful this casual app looks! Each card resembles the real cards and there’s graphics to show what cards can be used during your turn.

Simplicity at it’s best to deliver a high quality app!

What I really enjoy is that the avatars can be changed whatever you want! Some of the defaults are kinda nice, but nothing beats seeing your profile picture!


Daily Tasks give epic prizes!

Find your best headphones, because it will help greatly! Most of the important actions are audible. Not to mention nothing beats hearing UNO while holding on to a wild card!

It’s possible to enjoy UNO mobile without any noise, but it feels less awesome to me. That’s saying alot considering how much I love my playlists!

Do yourself a favor and crank up the volume on this one. It will instantly feel like a high stakes UNO game!


Each mode offers different types of rewards and entrance fees!

Simple controls make for epic gameplay. With mostly clicks and drags, the controls are responsive.

These ease of controls reduces the mistakes of “Fat Fingers” or playing a card that you didn’t mean to play.

Communication in UNO is effective and easy with emotes and voice chats!

The Power of in-app Purchases

VIP deals are pretty amazing!

Yay! No commercials!

That’s right! There’s no annoying ads to sit through in this casual app! There’s a few mentions of the in game store, but even that feels very tame.

I plan on making a purchase soon just to get some of the VIP perks. There’s also a monthly card that gives 300 coins every day for $7.99. Not sure if I’m on that level of intensity yet, but seems rather promising.

Truthfully, any app that delivers this well deserves some of my money for the support of more amazing casual apps like this!

The Verdict

Team battles are the way to revive your casual UNO master skills

Now that I have UNO on my phone, I can’t imagine life without it. Three minute games make for quick games, and the various other options offer some really interesting modes to play.

Custom rooms such as the fun room offers different ways to play against four other people.

Make sure not to miss out on this casual app! Any fan of UNO can easily pick this up and become a casual master in moments!

Are you the best UNO player around and want to show the world? Drop a comment in the section below to tell us who to watch out for!

Happy Gaming, and as always, keep it casual!

UNO! Mobile Overall Rating: 5/5

UNO! mobile Links:

iOS Link:

Android Link:

Company: Mattel 163 Limited

Genre: Games

Rated: 4+

Offers in-app Purchases

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