Twilight Hotel

Fast-paced Match-3 Game & Fantastic adventure in the Twilight Hotel!

Different experience of Match-3 game!

Turn based combat design, fast-paced competitive mode, utilizing boosters and props make you in a unique competing game! At any time, there are opponents from all over the world waiting for you!

Fight side by side with your partners!

Whether vampire or mummy, zombie or witch, they all have the same goal: battle side by side with you and beat your opponents! Recruiting partners and letting their special props help you!

Enjoy a variety of game modes!

Want to experience different modes every day? Ranking, Tournament and Daily Mode in Match Club will make your dream all come true!

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Company:  MYBO GAME

Genre: Games, PvP

Rated: 4+

Offers in-app Purchases

Howdy Casual Gamers!

Maybe it’s the time of year, but I’m really been into some PvP (player vs player, but you knew that, right?) lately!  So on another typical day in the app store, I run across a casual app that merges my two loves together!

Twilight Hotel offers a match three game against a random opponent.  Making logical moves allows for better skills and ultimately a win.

Is this kind of mash-up worth your casual time?  Lets make our best combo and dive right into this review!


Win games by outscoring your opponent!

Simple starts make for great casual gaming!  As a hotel worker (or guest maybe?) players are drawn into match three matches against a randomly selected opponent.  Each player has two turns and three to four rounds to get the best score.

Better matches can lead to a higher score and extra moves.  Think Candy Crush with a PvP mode.

The formula of short games and explosive moves gives anyone playing the feel of a great match in under five minutes.


Check in everyday to receive rewards!

The best way to describe Twilight Hotel’s graphics is bubbly.  I’m still not sure the entire premise behind picking a hotel of ghastly characters, but it oddly works for the situation of match 3 battles.

There’s not much to pay attention to outside of the battles.  With time being the biggest factor, making quick decisions and matching more than three shapes pauses the clock and enables you to enjoy the fireworks of an accomplishment.

With well fitted menus and colorful partners, this casual app offers more of a focus on gameplay than other distractions.

Music & Sounds

Simple settings allows picking of two BGMs

So, the music for Twilight Hotel is pretty meh at best.  The overall BGM (background music) is…well, loud.  I can appreciate having two types of songs, but both of them are pretty mediocre and can be too overbearing.

The sounds, however, are a pleasantly different story.  There’s almost a legitimate debate to turn the BGM off and leave the sounds on.  During battles, the sounds really help considering the short time allowed for moves.

There’s also the option of just keeping the sound off.  The graphics do most of the heavy lifting, even giving indications that time is almost up.

It’s rather easy to overlook power-ups during the game, which can be huge game changers during certain times of the match or when you are stuck with no good options.


Use daily spins for prizes, but use Super Spins for the bigger rewards!

Basically, Twilight Hotel is a click and drag kind of casual app.  Most of your movements will be using power-ups and making ideal decisions on the board for more points.  The indicators for using said power-ups would be a great boon for playing.

It’s very easy to miss using one or just completely forget about them because they don’t really scream at you when they are ready.  Each partner gets a few special moves, then players can pick an additional power-up that activates after enough matches are made.

The Power of in-app Purchases

Yay, coins are the only real currency in this casual app!

Naturally, there’s an interesting type of store for Twilight Hotel.  Not much is needed from the store from a beginner perspective.  There are a few decent price breaks here and there, but nothing that really screams at you that you need to buy.

It’s very easy to get by with just the free rewards and daily items received.  I’m sure in the higher rankings there’s a meta.  It can be seen very quickly after hitting a win-streak.  When it’s time to lose a game someone with a much higher rating with be there to shut down the hype train of winning matches.

Ultimately, it’s to you.  My two cents is maybe wait a bit before making a purchase.  Early purchases doesn’t seem to do much at the starting stages.

The Verdict

Ready to put up some big numbers?

Overall, Twilight Hotel has quirks, and sometimes suffers from freezes and game locks.  I haven’t noticed any during matches, but it’s noticeable enough to make you force quit and start back up again.

The type of gameplay to keep you wanting more and playing more is there.  There just needs to be a bit of a polish and bug stomping to make this a really great casual obession.

I’m looking forward to all the bug fixes and new content Twilight Hotel has to offer.

Already at the top of the leaderboard and want to flaunt it?  Drop a comment in the section below and tell us your favorite partner!

Happy Gaming, and as always, keep it casual!

Twilight Hotel Overall Rating: 3/5

Twilight Hotel Links:

iOS Link:

Android Link:

Company:  MYBO GAME

Genre: Games, PvP

Rated: 4+

Offers in-app Purchases

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