Top 5 Educational Games Every College Student Should Try

Top 5 Educational Games Every College Student Should Try

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College life offers opportunities for skill and personal development in addition to academics. Utilizing engaging and interactive learning methods is one way to make the most of this phase. While many people see video games as a form of entertainment, educational games have emerged as powerful tools for enhancing memory recall, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. I’ve compiled a list of the top five educational games for college students because they strike the perfect balance between entertainment and learning.

“Kerbal Space Program”

Players can design and manage their own space program in the space flight simulation game “Kerbal Space Program.” It offers an unrivaled educational opportunity for those with an interest in science and engineering. As directors of space agencies, players design rockets, spacecraft, and even entire missions. 

Players get a true-to-life space exploration experience thanks to celestial bodies. “Kerbal Space Program” provides real-world experience in problem-solving, project management, and critical thinking to college students pursuing degrees in science, engineering, or math. Many players hire well-tested academized services to get their assignments done while enjoying educational games.

“Civilization VI”

Players can design and manage a civilization from prehistoric times to the present in the turn-based strategy game “Civilization VI.” It provides an interactive historical journey that includes geography, politics, economics, and diplomacy. 

For students majoring in history, political science, or international relations, “Civilization VI” is an excellent educational resource. Players are required to make decisions about resource management, infrastructure development, and governance, reflecting the challenges of leadership and governance in the real world. 

“Portal 2”

“Portal 2,” a first-person puzzle-platform video game, puts players to the test with challenging puzzles and physics-based mechanics. The main objective of the game is to construct creative inter-spatial portals with the aid of a “portal gun” that allows players to move around levels. 

It places a strong emphasis on critical thinking, spatial reasoning, and problem-solving skills. College students majoring in computer science, physics, or mathematics have the opportunity to apply theoretical concepts in “Portal 2”. The puzzles in the game require players to use critical thinking and approach problems from different angles. 


Players can assume the role of mayor in the classic simulation game “SimCity” and plan, construct, and manage their own cities. It provides an opportunity to learn about economics, urban planning, and sustainable development. 

Players’ choices regarding zoning, infrastructure, and public services must take into account the requirements and preferences of their virtual citizens. For students majoring in economics, environmental sciences, or urban planning, “SimCity” is a helpful educational resource. In addition, they use the best writers to get their assignments completed on time and at affordable rates. 

“Age of Empires II”

“Age of Empires II,” a real-time strategy game, takes players through numerous civilizations throughout history. It offers a thorough understanding of cultural evolution, military tactics, and world history. Players make decisions that shape the development of their civilizations as they engage in battles, manage empires, and build new ones. College students interested in history, anthropology, or military studies will find “Age of Empires II” to be an engaging way to learn about various cultures, conflicts, and social structures. 

Final Thoughts

Educational games offer college students a special and entertaining way to enhance their academic learning. They provide an immersive experience while also fostering critical thinking, problem-solving, and creative skills. “Kerbal Space Program,” “Civilization VI,” “Portal 2,” “SimCity,” and “Age of Empires II,” the top five video games on this list, cover a wide range of subjects and are great study tools for students pursuing different academic specialties. 

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