ThunderDogs Review

Thunderdogs is a competitive online battle game where you amass bones to climb the leaderboards. Use a variety of awesome weapons to smash other players and steal their bones!

Be careful – the bigger your haul, the bigger a target you’ll become! Survive by dashing and out-maneuvering a hail of bullets to fight back.

Start each session as the underdog, climb the charts to become the top dog! –Lucky Kat Studios

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Company: Lucky Kat Studios

Genre: Games

Rated: 9+

Offers in-app Purchases

Hey Casual Gamers!  Time to get your feet off the ground and join me an epic review set in the skys!  Our pilots?  A crew of loveable dogs bent on a quest for bones!  It’s a casual review of ThunderDogs!


There’s alot of action in Thunderdogs! Aerial combat has gone to the dogs!

Stepping right into the action, the tutorial takes place on the sky as you pilot your very own ThunderDog!  After a quick show of the controls, you are immediately attacked by another airplane!

There are two main objectives to this casual app.  First, you must navigate your plane to get as many bones as possible.  This will increase your coin count once you die.  Having the most bones in battle gives your ThunderDog upgrades, make it faster and stronger in fights!

The next thing you must do is take-down your opponents!  Once you die, you receive a coin bonus based off the number of bones obtained and the number of planes shot down.  These coins can go toward upgrades or random prizes!

This was one casual app I was a bit wary about, but ultimately happy I didn’t pass up.  ThunderDogs is all about action, and it’s online multiplayer at your casual fingertips!


Daily Missions keeps you playing to obtain more ships!

Everything in ThunderDogs is color and bright, which is a plus!  All ships are visible and don’t blend into the landscape and damage is visible, alibiet smoke, on every ship.  Speaking of landscape, there’s parts of the landscape that can damage your ThunderDog!  There wasn’t a part of the game that lagged anywhere in color or in gameplay.  Explosions and weapons are bright and visible to all fighting in the area.  This is the type of attention to detail that makes me happy I’m playing a casual game on my phone!


Coins received after battle can be used for a random prize! Some random prizes are legendary!

Now, this is some music that gets you in the need for speed!  I wasn’t expecting the amped up music I heard when starting off, but it doesn’t really get bad!  The sound effects have saved me a few times, and explosions sound raw and epic as you dash off taunting the fallen.  ThunderDogs is a casual game that demands your haptic attention.

If not for the music, then definitely, the sound ques received when someone is shooting at you!


Higher bone and kill count means greater rewards!

Now casual games like this can be made or deleted with bad controls.  Thanksfully ThunderDog doesn’t have that issue!  The controls are very responsive.  The ThunderDogs are another issue.  Each ThunderDog has their own way of flying!  Some have alot of thrust, but weak power.  Others, have alot of speed but really bad handling!  As you open more prizes, you will eventually find that right ThunderDog for you!

The Power of In-app Purchases

There’s some generous price breaks for gems!

So when it comes to the purchases on ThunderDogs, it’s pretty straightforward.  The gems have their breakpoints and some of the starter packs seems rather decent.  There is another option, a VIP membership.  This option gives you access to all VIP aircrafts, 20 gems and 100 coins everyday and the removal of forced ads.

The catch?  a 3 day trial, then a $6.99 weekly pricetag!

As much as I admit to liking this game, I’m not sure If i like it for roughly 28 bucks a month!  If some of our more casual gamers with deeper pockets pitch in for this, please let us know in the comments about how your experience was!

The Verdict

There’s alot going on in VIP! Thankfully it the auto-subscription can be turned off!

Overall, ThunderDogs is a must have for casual gaming.  I can see this being a go to whenever I’m bored or crowded and nowhere to go.  The matches are quick, the sounds are crisp and once you die, you can head right back in with no loading screen!  Just you, your ThunderDog and a high score to beat!

Enjoyed this casual app review?  Let us know how you feel in the comments and we aim our reviews towards a better direction!

Happy Gaming, and as always, keep it casual!

Overall Score for ThunderDogs:  5/5

ThunderDogs Links:

iOS Link:

Android Link:

Company: Lucky Kat Studios

Genre: Games

Rated: 9+

Offers in-app Purchases

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