Grow to ginormous proportions and blast your enemies to kingdom come! It’s SSSnaker!

In the dangerous dungeon depths, your snake won’t just grow longer, it’ll also get stronger!

What you’ll experience in this game:

-Sensational fun with silky smooth snake slithering with unique area attacks

-All-new roguelite skills and snake head collision feature for that strategic spark

-Myriad monsters and game features that’ll test your skill limits

-Kaleidoscopic bullet hell for maximum SSSnaker intensity!

SSSnaker Links:

iOS Link:

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Company: HABBY

Genre: GamesAdventure

Rated: 9+

Offers in-app Purchases

Hey Casual Gamers!

The original game of Snake was created for our gaming pleasure in 1976.  From it’s early years as a two player black and white game, there has be numerous variations of this classical staple of gaming history.

So why shouldn’t you have an updated snake game on your phone or tablet?  SSSnaker offers a fresh remake of a gamer classic with addicting gameplay and endless content.

So is it worth your casual time?  Dust off you old Nokia, and dive into this casual review.


Snakes on a mission to blow stuff up!


SSSnaker doesn’t really have much of a backstory.  With a quick tutorial about how to move the snake, players are sent into the lands in search of snake parts and xp!

When it comes to casual gaming, this is about as casual as it gets!  Control a snake, destroy minions, get rewards.  This simple yet addiction formula makes for casual gameplay that offers that five minute jolt of gaming needed to get through the day.

The world really opens up after clearing the first world.  From there ways to improve power, gear, and even other modes of play gives even more reason to get in the zone of big snake energy.


A simple equipment section helps maintain optimal gear settings

SSSnaker offers visual candy with a cast of various enemies.  There’s never a dull moment during gameplay as everything is worth looking at and into.  There’s enough variation of minions to keep the casual app interesting.

During gameplay,  the levels are designed with enough variants to feel like no stage is the same.  With a theme for each world, it’s easy to get caught up in the landscape and mood while mowing down minions.

Music & Sounds

Choose wisely as power ups are needed to clear higher levels!

SSSnaker is one of those casual apps that don’t really lose much without sound, but with a good set of headphones, complete immersion can be had.

While it’s not a huge requirement, it’s always welcomed when you can hear the ambient background and sounds of power ups and destruction.

To be fair, there’s not too many casual apps that can be good with and without sound, but that just speaks to the sheer enjoyment that is offered.


Protect yourself from projectiles and charging minions!

SSSnaker has exceptionally great handles when it comes to gameplay.  With the head of the snake being the only part taking damage, learning how to weave through traffic and backtrack becomes key to dealing with stronger minions.

What really gives this casual app it’s addictive kick is what happens after dying.  Should a stage prove difficult, players can equip armor and gain attack, recovery, and hp via a leveling menu.  As the overall level of the snake increases, so does the leveling menu.

One helpful skill is making circles with the snake body.  Minions caught inside the circle are hit with major damage that at some levels will one shot most.  Mind your hp as some minions will try to rush you before the circle is completed.

The Power of in-app Purchases

Always look for sales and bundles while shopping!



Well now that I’ve ranted enough about SSSnaker, I’m sure the obvious question is how will this next casual obsession hit my wallet?

Thankfully, there’s plenty of free loot to grab.  There are numerous deals to take advantage of as a new player, however just playing through offers more than enough gems and coins to progress at a healthy rate.

As an editors’ suggestion, I wouldn’t make any purchases until after finishing the 3rd world.  Numerous new menus unlock as players progress, so making a purchase to move on only to have a new bundle unlock might give some that buyer’s remorse we all hate.

The Verdict

A daily a day keeps the wallet boss away!

If I could find someway to play while typing, I’d still be playing SSSnaker right now!  The overall sell of this being like the Snaker of old is a bit dated, but it’s well beyond a solid entry into the Snaker universe of gaming.

If your phone is overloaded with other games you haven’t played, make room and put SSSnaker in the front of the gaming group.  This casual app is well worth the data, and offers insane replay value every play through.

Already the head Snake and want to show off to the rest of us?  Drop a comment in the section below and tell us your favorite snake line up!

Happy Gaming, and as always, keep it casual!

SSSnaker Overall Rating: 5/5

SSSnaker Links:

iOS Link:

Android Link:

Company: HABBY

Genre: GamesAdventure

Rated: 9+

Offers in-app Purchases

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