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Company:  International Games Systems Co.

Genre:  Casino Games

Rated: 17+

Offers in-app Purchases

Hey Casual Gamers!

By now, if you are an avid reader of you know your way around a slot game or two.  So is there anything new when it comes to these casual apps?

Slotverse offers a new way to play slots on your phone or tablet.  While there’s a good list of slots the way you know them, is this new type of casual slot app worth your time and phone space?

Kiss your favorite charm and test your luck on this casual review!


Time to test your luck with an array of slot games!

With other casino apps to compete with, it really takes some type of niche to get players interested.  Slotverse doesn’t try as hard with opening ads and put players right in front of machines to get going.

After a few levels, players are then introduced into a new type of slots.  Fishing slot games give up to four players a chance to land a big catch for huge rewards.  This is accomplished by players shooting money in the form of nets at fish, crabs, and even dragons!

As players progress, different power ups and max bet increases the chance for even greater wins.

This is my type of casual app.  With a little bit of new and old slots, there’s really something for everyone looking to take a chance.


Make friends and play on the same slot game together!

Slotverse feels hard to not look at.  Outside of the fishing slots, everything else feels better than casino grade slots.

There’s a real feeling of wanting to see what every free game looks like in every slot game.  This is a feel that I don’t have with many others, but a completely welcomed one.

The fishing slot games also allow friends to join in to tackle the bigger fishes.  Truthfully, this casual app looks better playing that it does in the advertisements.

Now that’s something I’d never thought I would say.


Aim for the fish you want, or just do some auto aiming!

Slotverse gives the bells and whistles needed to keep playing while slightly AFK.  The BGM feels like it fits in every situation, and is rather pleasant to listen to.  Nothing feels overly repetitive and does it’s part well to envelop players into a a full gaming session.

If there was ever a reason to keep a pair of your favorite headphones, we have just found it for you!  I truthfully wouldn’t suggest playing without, although it’s still possible.

But where’s the fun in not hearing the free games bell?


Check all the notifiations for free coins!

Slotverse offers a point and click feel that doesn’t disappoint.  Most of this casual app is fitted for those who just need to press a few buttons and watch the fun take place.

This casual app is what other strive to be.

There’s not an menu to exit out of after every ten spins, there’s also not other items or notifications that pull players away from the current game.

The fishing slot game is perhaps the easiest way to fish!  Players just load what they want each net to cost and hit the auto button.  There’s no real need to move the cursor, but it does give a feel of immersion moving around for those looking to land a certain fish.

The Power of in-app Purchases

Look around for the best deal!

Slotverse really doesn’t give such an aggressive push when it comes to in game advertisements.  Sure, there’s some standard menus that talk about deals, but when looking back on other types of casual casino apps, this is mild.

That’s the great part about this casual app.  With little advertising and a bounty of free coins, there’s enough going on for players to have an enjoyable free to play session and feel good about it.  If the mood sets players right, then this is the casual app I would make a purchase.  Deals are plentiful and give great value while not making much of a dent in player’s wallets.

As much as I think these type of casual apps are not worth putting money into, Slotverse might change my mind.

The Verdict

Grab your friends and take down some massive creatures!

Why haven’t you downloaded Slotverse yet?  Did I not do my job in selling how this is worth your casual time and phone space?

At any rate, this casual app does what players are looking for and then some.  With a huge library of slot games and something new for even the most experienced casual gamers, this one is the one to have and not put down.  Don’t miss out on this new casual slot game you never knew you needed.

Already a trillionaire and looking for somewhere to brag?  Drop a comment in the section below, and let us know your favorite slot game!

Happy Gaming and as always, keep it casual!

Slotverse Overall Score: 4/5

Slotverse Links:

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Company:  International Games Systems Co.

Genre:  Casino Games

Rated: 17+

Offers in-app Purchases

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