Sling Plane

Realistic flight experience waiting for you.

Get your passengers to the destination without crashing.

Easy to fly, hard to landing.

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Company: Panteon

Genre: Games

Rated: 4+

Offers in-app Purchases

Hey Casual Gamers!  Ever wanted to be an airplane pilot?  Well casual apps won’t get you there, but imagination is the best way to get motivated to do something!

We have a simple casual app that gives you one mission:  Fly as far as you can!


Sling your plane to the furthest reaches!

I wish there was a little bit more to talk about Sling Plane, but it’s as simple and as casual as it gets.  Fly your plane over a landscape and try to land on a multi-colored platform to get bonus coins.

After each flight (and maybe good landing?) coins are collected to boost sling power, coins, or jet fuel.

While it always feels good to forget about the coins, a good landing on a platform will give a coin multiplier and bonus multiplier.

Coins can also be used to obtain upgrades to the sling, or even a brand new plane!


Soar over the Seven wonders of the world!

If there was a thin line between meh graphics and acceptable graphics, Sling Plane would come crashing in the middle.

I thought at one time I saw all the seven wonders of the world, but I feel like they left out a few.  I’m just sad I didn’t get to fly in the train tunnel I saw in the ad for this game.

I’m not saying the graphics of this casual app is bad, but it’s just acceptable enough to take an ad to the face for it.

Music & Sounds

Land in the Ad Zones for bigger coin multipliers!

Sling Plane comes in pretty mute.  No cool aviation music, no epic sonic booms.  Just you, your background music and the scenery of the digital landscape.

Again, for a casual game, it’s not bad.  There is some type of missed opportunity in no sound, but I’m still playing.


Collect Planes and Slings as you get coins!

There is a little skill curve once you’ve crashed a few times.  The plane can be moved all over the map and as long as you hold your thumb to the screen, you won’t be sent crashing to the ground immediately.

I really wish there was some other obstacles outside of landing on a platform that would give more coins.  At least a mid air circle or something!

Outside of that gripe, it’s a simple, one handed adventure.

The Power of in-app Purchases

Defeat the Ad Boss for six bucks

This casual app is completely littered with ads.  It’s on par with most apps that have the same type of replay value.  Is it a bad thing?  Ask me in about 10 ads and I’ll let you know.

Thankfully there is a way to kill the ads, but I’m kinda okay with all the ads.  it’s something you can do for a few mins then take an ad break to ensure the world is still spinning around you.

There’s not too many games I’d say that for, but Sling Plane, you get that spot!

The Verdict

Look in the sky, it’s a statue, and an ad!

Every casual gamer needs that one app that they don’t know why they play, but then find themselves in a grinding session.  Sling Plane offers to be that one game you never tell anyone about.

Well, there’s a leaderboard now, so just you and the other thousand of players around the world!

In a land of duds and suds, this casual app hovers just over a dud.

Already have the number one spot and want to show off?  Drop us a comment in the section below and post your longest trip!

Sling Plane Overall Score: 3/5

Sling Plane Links:

iOS Link:

Android Link:

Company: Panteon

Genre: Games

Rated: 4+

Offers in-app Purchases

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