Slayer Legend


Get rich rewards by being AFK!!

Just 10 minutes a day is enough to explore the fantasy world.


Raising Slayer is an RPG story filled with adventure and action.

In the adventure, beautiful Elves and wandering Swordsmen are waiting for you.


Level up, boost your gear, unlock magic talents

Develop your strategy and tactics to empower your hero using the system of combining element skills!

Find the most powerful combo and the best strategy to slay the enemies.


An immersive Idle clicker RPG experience for all!

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Company: Gear2

Genre: Games, Idle RPG

Rated: 9+

Offers in-app Purchases

Hey Casual Gamers!

What does it truly mean to be a slayer?  Is it one who gives their lives to defend the meek and innocent?  Or one who has an endless lust for battle?

In today’s casual review, we have Slayer Legend, an Idle RPG that boasts that all you need is 10 minutes of playtime a day to become an eventual living legend.  As far as idle games goes, it’s quite the claim.

Of course, the real question we are here for is all about your limited casual time and should this causal app grace the metals of your phone.

Let’s get our best gear, and find out!


Fight your way through an endless swarm of 8-bit nightmares!

Slayer Legend opens up rather epic.  As a slayer, the job is to cut down all the various demons that are invading the land.  This revolves into greater missions as the player levels.

As simple as the story is, it also leads to an never ending missions of getting stronger to face bigger and stronger challenges.  What livens up this story compared to other idle games is the sheer amount of content available the stronger players become.

The path to level up is vast and can become confusing, but finding the new ways to gain power becomes part of the fun.  Can’t level up equipment anymore? Switch to leveling your companions and gain the power to beat the boss blocking progress.


Adventure outside the normal game and defeat bigger enemies!

Slayer Legend is 8-bit gold.  For a casual idle app, there’s an incredible amount of 8-bit assets!  Every level has it’s own exclusive boss that can at times need different skills needed to defeat.

While I’m not that much of a fan of all the menus and User Interfaces, the minions and companions are different enough to break up the monotony of the grind.

The saving grace this casual app has is the insane amount of 8-bit assets it offers!  I’ve yet to find duplicate bosses where you would except it in other gaming apps.

Music & Sounds

Head to adventures and hunt for bigger bosses!

Slayer Legend has some rather basic music, but it’s very effective for what is happening on screen.  There’s normally two BGMs that players are presented with when dealing with normal fights and boss fights.  Then there are more upbeat and dramatic BGMs when fighting special bosses like the dragon or the elemental boss.

Outside of the very decent tracks, the SFXs are rather helpful and don’t venture too far into the annoyance level.  There’s not one that stands out that has to be listened to, but this casual app has a few solid reasons to keep the headphones plugged in.

The Power of in-app Purchases

If you need to make a purchase, always buy on a holiday!

So getting to the nitty gritty of any casual app, Slayer Legend seems to really support those looking to whale their way through Slayer Legend.  This casual app can be safely played for free!  Daily and holiday quest offer tons of gems needed for upgrades while clearing bosses and leveling up rank offers even more for people stuck at certain levels.

There is one point to be made here.  Should you find yourself obsessed with this casual app, paying for no ads option is a great purchase that will pay for itself in spades.  No ads means absolute no ads for anything in this casual app!  It’s wonderful when purchases actually mean what they say!

Outside of the no ads purchase any purchase will add keys for chests to open up for additional prizes.  I haven’t found a need to make a purchase, but I’m not keen of sitting through 30 second ads.

The Verdict

Never forget to do your dailies!

Overall, Slayer Legend is one of those great casual apps that stays on the phone with no questions asked!  There always something to do and it doesn’t take long to accomplish.

The dps checks are pretty hefty however.  It can take a bit of leveling up and stacking up some offline cash and xp, but it doesn’t seem to as much of an issue as long as players are okay with waiting every now and then.

For example, when ranking up, players are tested by a strict dps check of clearing enemies within a certain amount of time.  The one for Mythril is notoriously hard to pass due to the sheer number of monsters and the distance players have to travel in a certain time limit.  After obtaining a few of the right skills, this rank shall be yours!

Stuck a certain spot and need a bit more help?  The Slayer Legend Reddit is a great place to look and ask questions so you can progress.

Already at the top rank and looking for somewhere to show off?  Drop a comment in the section below and let us know what your build looks like!

Happy Gaming, and as always, keep it casual!

Slayer Legend Overall Rating: 4/5

Slayer Legend Links:

iOS Link:

Android Link:

Company: Gear2

Genre: Games, Idle RPG

Rated: 9+

Offers in-app Purchases


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