Shadow of Death

Shadow of Death

Play Anywhere, Anytime

We put the “pocket” in pocket sized RPGs! Experience the thrill of combat anywhere, anytime as Shadow of Death is an offline game. No need to be online to defeat the shadows.

Challenge the Universe

When beating down shadow monsters just does not cut it anymore, take your game online! Vie for ultimate supremacy as you battle with other players in the Arena.

Story: A Dark Knight’s Journey

Aurora, once a prosperous kingdom has fallen. An ancient darkness reborn savages the land with brute force. Crops decay, winds scream with rage, and the dead stir.

In his lust for power and forbidden knowledge, a king has forsaken his people to ruin. The people cry for hope.

A lone knight, cleansed of memory but driven by conviction is all that stands between utter annihilation. Marked by destiny, he walks alone towards the whispering shadows.

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Company:  Vietnam Zonmob Technology JSC

Genre: Hack N Slash, RPG

Rated: 12+

Offers in-app Purchases

Hey Casual Gamers!  Dark stories make for some of the best gaming out there.  When it’s combined with the thrill of hacking and slashing monsters into oblivion, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a favorite.

So does our newest entry, Shadow of Death has what it takes to stand tall?  Check out our casual review to find out!


Up to four characters can be unlock, each with it’s own unique abilities

Our story starts with Maximus, a swordsman who has lost his memory.  He eventually runs into a female specter (Mina) that shows him the ropes along the way.  With a brief tutorial, you are on your way to slashing up anything that looks dangerous.

While fighting is the basis of this casual app. there’s a few RPG elements such as gaining levels and finding equipment.  Each upgrade boosts the power level of the character currently in use.

This game is really dark.  Not just in the story, but in game-play as well.  Everything just seems like a shadow (OMG it’s in the title) .  There is a great deal of blood however, and it’s pretty gratuitous.  Even the baby spiders somehow have liters of blood that spills over the stage.


Linear stages make most of the bloodbath!

Maybe it’s the darkness of the game, but it feels slightly unfinished.  Sure it’s pretty gritty and it goes well with the theme of the game.

Truthfully, it just seems like shadows with a splash of colors here and there.  Somehow it works.  The stages and boss fights are pretty enjoyable and visually engaging.

I kinda wish the rest of the game wasn’t this way.  Most of the armor just looks gritty.


Once all three worlds are cleared, the next level of difficulty is unlocked!

While this music isn’t from World of Warcraft music, it has a familiar tone to it.  Shadow of Death does it’s best to deliver a darkened theme for it’s players.  Even the sound effects seem geared toward holy might and unholy power.


Get ready for some pretty gruesome boss fights!

These controls are pretty smooth and to the point.  There’s a D pad on the left and all the other actions, dashing, and special moves on the right.  I have to applaud the layout.  There’s not much blocking the screen during fights.

The HP bar is in the upper left corner of the screen.  It can be pretty easy to miss and think there’s not one.  That is of course until you die and realize you aren’t immortal.

Not getting three stars is a good indicator too!

The Power of in-app Purchases

So, if you ever had a feeling that in-app stores don’t give enough options, let Shadow of Death quell those feelings.

There’s a massive amount of 1st purchase sales and offers, it feels like there’s a purchase for anyone!  That said, there’s alot to purchase.  there’s wings, pets, crystals, souls…It almost feels like everything is for sell!

Then there’s an ad limit.  This ad limit allows you to watch and ad and get extra rewards depending on what’s happening.  I personally think this should be done in every game, as ad revenue is the boon that keep so many of us writing and creating (Including this site!).

I will be making a 1st time purchase soon.  there’s enough going on to keep me playing for a while.

The Verdict

New modes of gameplay unlock with every level up. See you in the Duel Arena!

Don’t miss out on Shadow of Death.  This casual app can be the start of something great.  Most of the game is just hacking and slashing away at monsters and it’s glorious.

It’s not easy at the start, which I wish was a little better.  after about 1-3 or so you will need gear to fight back and keep the three star rating for each stage.

Slashing your way through monsters and want to give some pointers?  Drop a comment in the section below and let’s see who’s higher in the arenas!

Happy Gaming, and as always, keep it casual!

Shadow of Death Overall Rating: 4/5

iOS Link

Android Link

Company:  Vietnam Zonmob Technology JSC

Genre: Hack N Slash, RPG

Rated: 12+

Offers in-app Purchases

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