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Runegate Heroes

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Runegate Heroes

Lead your armies to glory: summon Heroes, use skills and abilities, push the lanes, and destroy the Runegates!

Outsmart and outperform the opposition tactically: counter every enemy move, rush, defend or counterattack. The choice is yours!

Over 40 mighty Heroes catering for any playstyle reporting for duty.

Master their powerful abilities to win flawlessly.

Come up with your own ultimate team. Dominate strategically and surprise your opponents!

Challenge players from around the world in real time.

Make your way to the very top of the leaderboards.

Explore the world of Elrune, activate Runegates, discover new Heroes and ancient artefacts to assist you in the Aether Contest.

Upgrade your army to unleash its full potential – Heroes, Towers and Minions are at your command.

Customize your Heroes with unique Rune loadouts.

Start a clan or join an existing one in the fierce battle for power and resources.

Runegate Heroes Links:

iOS Link:

Android Link: Currently Not Found!

Company: Nitro Games

Genre: MOBA, Strategy

Rated: 12+

Offers in-app Purchases


Hey Casual Gamers!  Strategy are often the sleeper hit of the gaming world.  Playing battleship or even warcraft can lead to countless hours of fun and mental endurance!

So, will Runegate Heroes, a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, give that kind of casual joy to it’s users?  Lets find out in this casual review!


Squad up and take everyone down on the leaderboard!

Runegate Heroes puts new players right into the battle to explain how the mechanics work.  Each player starts with two defensive towers and a summoning gate.  The player that loses their summoning gate loses the game.

To prevent this, heroes can be deployed to march down the field and fight for you.  you can also cast spells, but each hero and spell cost energy which will slowly replenish itself.

There’s a good deal going on and I love it.  Not only can you summon heroes but heroes have their own abilities that can be cast to turn the tide of the game!


Management of all resources is the key to victory!

For the fear of sounding…basic.  These are some pretty awesome graphics.  From the spells to the heroes, not one detail was missed.  Not only is this a joy to play, it’s interesting to watch!

There’s a few things to watch out for in battle graphic wise.

Each spell or hero will cast a summoning circle where, when summoned, will either start attacking or activate the spell cast in the highlighted area.  Some spells can even hit enemy towers!


Leveling up your heroes will give an edge over your opponents!

The soundtrack is pretty enjoyable for the type of gameplay.  Most of the sounds will help with incoming attacks and the overall sound is pretty mellow compared to the fighting.

Truthfully, I’ve been enjoying the battles too much to even notice if the music was terrible or not.  Taking into consideration no bad notes stood out, it’s what you look for when you need focus on winning the game.

Just think of an epic call to battle masterpiece, and that’s on par with the music Runegate Heroes offers.


Summon your heroes in front of an enemy hero to block them!

Navigating though the menus and finding items is cakewalk.  And the controls are very responsive in matches.

Most spells or summons need a quick drag and drop.

The biggest issue is energy management.  Everything cost energy and managing it the right way will turn the tide of the battle in your favor!

When using hero abilities, make sure you know where they are using their abilities!  wasting energy could be the meaning of victory or defeat!

The Power of in-app Purchases

Everything has a price in this casual app! You can even acquire fragments of other heroes!

Naturally, I’m up in the air about purchasing.

First, the in-game currency of gems will be what players use to purchase the other items.  That’s not too bad.

The only way to aquire new heroes will be through summoning cubes.  These cubes, depending on which one is chosen, will give hero fragments.  Once there’s enough, the hero can be summoned and added to the team!

The remaining fragments can used to level up that hero to become stronger.

So, the acquiring of new heroes is left up to chance.  This is what you would expect from mobile gaming.

There’s also a premium offer that will boost xp and gold gains by 100%

I wish the gems were easier to find in-game, but there’s been very little luck finding them.

The Verdict

Don’t forget to do your dailies!

Overall, Runegate Heroes won’t be leaving my phone anytime soon.  MOBAs on the phone have always been a turn off due to the numerous amount of buttons and dated graphics.

The simplicity of running heroes to tear down towers and gates does something to the gamer inside.  Deep down we all love an awesome destructive fight, and this casual app offers that and more!

Don’t miss out on this one!

Loving Runegate Heroes and want to show off?  Drop a comment in the section below and tell us who your favorite hero is!

Happy Gaming, and as always, keep it casual!

Runegate Heroes Overall Rating: 4/5

Runegate Heroes Links:

iOS Link:

Android Link: Currently Not Found!

Company: Nitro Games

Genre: MOBA, Strategy

Rated: 12+

Offers in-app Purchases

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