NFL Rivals – Football Game

NFL Rivals – Football Game

Become the top football general manager in NFL Rivals today! Show off your digital card collection skills in epic online arcade-style football that brings a unique and fun twist to mobile sports games. NFL Rivals combines thrilling arcade-style gameplay and top football players for a digital sports card game like no other.

Work as an NFL manager in the hottest officially licensed NFL football digital card game out now! Unlock your favorite NFL players, set your football team, and gear up in NFL GM Squads with other GMs for a fresh approach on NFL mobile games. Get game-day ready with fast-paced arcade-style football and digital cards of your favorite players on NFL Rivals!

Arcade-style football meets online team building in the biggest game in football history! Sports card collecting takes new meaning as you upgrade and trade digital player cards from top NFL teams. Each football game is action-packed with exhilarating arcade-style football gameplay and legendary digital card collection opportunities.

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Company: Mythical Games

Genre: Sport Games

Rated: 4+

Offers in-app Purchases

Hey Casual Gamers!

As the 2023 football season winds down, true fans dread what their Sundays will be without having a football game to look forward to.  Sure there’s always next season, but who really wants to wait that long?

NFL Rivals gives players a chance to keep the football action alive on their phone or tablet!  As the Lions aim to get their hands on a Super Bowl ticket, is this casual app able to help Gamers relive their favorite moments of the season?

Call for a timeout to get the goods on this casual review!


Lead your favorite NFL team to victory!

NFL Rivals puts players in the position of a quarterback attempting to score against an opposing team.

The Rules mirror those of the NFL.  Players get four attempts to move the football 10 yards until they score a touchdown.  In this casual app players only play on offense while their opponent attempts to stop them.  Games last four quarters and the player with the highest score is the winner and moves on to the next round.

While this doesn’t really play like Madden, it’s doable for a casual gaming app.  Quarters are short and there’s a learning curve when it comes to knowing when to pass or run.  Not being on the tackling side of the ball feels rather lacking, but being all about offense works well enough to keep the action going.


Collect NFL players and to make the ultimate roster!

This is where NFL Rivals could do better.  While the graphics get the job done for this casual app, there’s room for improvement.  Playing on the field feels rather limited and the players sometimes just feel like moving blobs.

If this was done maybe a few years back, then there wouldn’t be too much of a complaint about how players look.  In 2024, with VR and AI filled games, these just don’t cut it for me.

Sure it works for what it is, but at the very least, there should be a way to update the way players look on the field.


Win games to collect rewards!

NFL Rivals could also do better in this department.  Sure, there’s decent soundtrack with some mild SFX.

After a few games, the sounds just comes repetitive.  Grinding on this casual app could be a thing, but this could only appeal to those looking to collect all the players.

There could be so many ways to improve the sound issue, but sadly the best way would be to mute sounds and jam on a playlist while grinding.


Learn routes and schemes to maximize yardage!


NFL Rivals gives a rather decent tutorial on how to control players when on the field.  The passing game feels rather fluid, although the run game could use some work.

Timing is critical when it comes to juke, dive, and turbo speed to shake opponents.  NPCs are rather good at taking players down, so learning how to navigate between blocks and looking for coverage comes into play.

While the graphics and sounds maybe subpar, NFL Rivals shines in it’s gameplay and the controls are sturdy enough to keep players wanting to come back for more.

The Power of in-app Purchases

Make purchases to increase the roster!

So, is there a reason to make a purchase on NFL Rivals?  While power levels can keep players out of modes, it doesn’t seem to mean much during gameplay.  Quarterbacks have enough time in the pocket to make plays, and at the start no player seems to have an advantage over others.

Which means making any purchase would just be used to collect players and fill out empty holes on rosters.  If that’s the vibe going into a purchase, then by all means fire away and don’t look back.

However, should this just be a casual engagement, put a hold on spending any real money until a massive sell, or even better a graphical update, comes into play.

With no ad walls blocking th way of any gameplay, just enjoy this casual app for what it is!

The Verdict

Ready to dominate the NFL world on your phone or tablet?


Truthfully, NFL Rival might be the little juice of gameplay I need to make it to next season.  This for sure isn’t a Madden type title on a console game, but for football on your phone or tablet, this will work.

Needing to take your favorite NFL team to run a gambit on all the other teams?  This might be your next casual obsession.  The graphics could use an overhaul, but nothing beats throwing a pass and running it in for a touchdown.

Already have a massive roster and looking to show off?  Drop a comment in the section below and let us know your favorite team!

Happy Gaming, and as always, keep it casual!

NFL Rivals – Football Game Overall Score: 3/5

NFL Rivals – Football Game Links:

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Company: Mythical Games

Genre: Sport Games

Rated: 4+

Offers in-app Purchases

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