Monopoly Go!

Monopoly Go!


Roll the dice to play the classic MONOPOLY board you know and love. Featuring familiar faces such as MR. MONOPOLY, and familiar spaces such as jail (womp womp!), Railroads, and everyone’s favorite money-maker GO! Pull from a variety of new Chance Cards, win money from the Community Chest themed mini-game, and explore the world with beloved Tokens including the Scottie, the Top Hat, the Battleship, and more.


Get social! Play with friends to take full advantage of new mini-games such as Community Chest – where your friends make you rich! Want to make some mischief? Land on a Railroad tile and let the train take you to two new mini-games: Knock down your friend’s Landmarks in Shut Down or steal money from their bank vault during Bank Heist. Finders keepers!

Gift Stickers to friends and get Stickers from friends in-game to complete your Sticker Collections and get BIG REWARDS!

Play exciting co-operative Events and Tournaments to climb the leaderboards on your way to OWN IT ALL!


Play Tournaments, Prize Drop, Free Parking House Rules Events, and Cash Grab. With new Events running every hour, there are new ways to play every day!

MONOPOLY GO! is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. Internet connection is required to play the game.

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Company: Scopely

Genre: Board Games

Rated: 9+

Offers in-app Purchases

Hey Casual Gamers!

What a great time to love Monopoly!  There’s a new way to play on your phone or tablet!

If you are an avid fan of The Casual App Gamer (thank you kindly!)  we enjoy covering all types of Monopoly games this casual app seems to have what the others are lacking.

Is this really worth your casual time?  Let’s break the bank and buy into this casual review!


Welcome to an ever expanding world of Monopoly Go!

Monopoly Go! plays just like your favorite board game but with a few various twists.  Players can pick a token an start rolling dice immediately, but rolls become a limited resource.

As proprieties are landed on, income is given via monopoly money.  This money can then be used to build houses  and hotels on random properties across the board via landmarks on a shared board.

Other players come into the mix as random tokens on the board.  When you land on a property they are visiting, that player pays rent based on the houses or hotel that is on the property.

Naturally, this explanation can be a bit much, but in a few dice rolls, everything comes rather naturally and easy!


Upgrade landmarks while others try to tear them down!

Monopolgy Go! has the looks that keeps you playing!  I suppose that’s part of the allure of paying for items, but Scopely has done a great job of making every part of this casual app eye candy.

I wish there was more to say other than this is a great piece of art.  The attention to detail is one of the major reasons I continue to log in everyday.

This casual app should and is the staple for all board games to come!


Destroy your friend’s landmarks for more money!

While it’s stated, Monopoly Go! should be played with your best headphones.  There’s enough bells and whistles to allow players to walk away and know what’s going in via SFX.

There’s also rather festive BGM to keep the mood casual, yet playful.  I wish there was something I could talk bad about, yet this is just one of those gems that covers all avenues of casual play.

Nothing does my casual gaming better than being able to look away from my phone and still know what’s going on via sounds.


Leaderboards offer great reasons to come back every day!

One thing that keeps a great casual app awesome is simple controls!  Monopoly Go! doesn’t have much for fancy controls, and thankfully doesn’t need it.

A simple push of rolling the dice is all that’s needed.  Outside of a few Railroad games and landmarks there’s not really much to worry about managing.  Just put your faith in the button and roll!

There’s also auto timers on collected items that acquire for the player.  With this and automatic rolling, it’s a great time to make that sandwich you’re craving for while you play.  Just don’t forget to pick your favorite boxes for heisting your friend’s bank when you come back to your phone!

The Power of in-app Purchases

Know what to buy and always purchase on a sale!

Now, for the real question of all casual apps; how much will this “free” app cost me?  The pricing points for Monopoly Go! is rather flexible.  That is to say, there’s a huge amount of options to spend money.

Players can purchase dice, money, or stickers for your album which in return will reward with more money and dice rolls.  There’s other ways to receive dice rolls, money, and even stickers without making a purchase.

This casual app is full of free items via events, daily log ins, and other in-game methods.  Not to mention there’s a helpful website that helps redeem free dice rolls and other helpful items!

Unless there’s a casual push to the top of the leaderboard, there’s not a great reason to make a purchase.

That said, the sales are rather plentiful and cost effective.  Go, beat your friends!

The Verdict

Be wise when you buy! But also check places for free loot!

Overall, keep Monopoly Go! on your phone for the foreseeable future!  With a Facebook, Instagram, and Discord social media helping players connect with others to finish albums and find new friends, this is one casual app that keeps players wanting more!

It also pays to play during holidays and special events as they tend to give the free dice rolls in large amounts!  The more friends that join via social media, the more free dice are given.

Already at a trillion dollars and looking to show off?  Drop a comment in the section below and let us know your which stickers you have to trade!

Happy gaming, and as always, keep it casual!

Monopoly Go! Overall Score: 5/5

Monopoly Go! Links:

iOS Link:

Android Link:

Company: Scopely

Genre: Board Games

Rated: 9+

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