MMX Hill Dash 2 – Race Offroad

MMX Hill Dash 2 – Race Offroad Review!

“MMX Hill Dash 2 is a FREE all terrain, off-road monster truck racing game with 100s of race challenges – get behind the wheel and buckle up for the most addictive & FUN physics based PVP driving game!

Race to the finish line over a multitude of racing tracks with hazards, hill climbs, jumps, loops, bridges, and ramps. Go turbo with awesome truck upgrades and try to climb to the top of the leaderboard in this crazy MMX racing game that will test your driving skills to the limit!

MMX Hill Dash 2 has the biggest trucks and the roughest all-terrain tracks like Tropical, Canyon, and Arctic for you to prove yourself as the ultimate hot wheeled driver. With ultra-realistic physics, fun crash scenarios and challenging off-road gameplay, you won’t be able to stop playing MMX Hill Dash 2.

Get both hands on the wheel and your big foot on the gas, download MMX Hill Dash 2 today and start racing.” – Hutch Games

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Company: Hutch Games Ltd

Genre: Racing

Rated: 9+

Offers in-app Purchases

I found this game whilst looking at the app store homepage and it came up as the game of the day. I thought to myself “Well, Apple isn’t going to recommend a game that isn’t good, aren’t they?” Let’s see if I was right…


Go through a difficult obstacle course to reach the end and beat your opponent!

Unfortunately, MMX Hill Dash 2 doesn’t really have a story. Instead, you have to drive an obstacle course full of roadways that are collapsing, loop-the-loops, and other obstacles, finishing before your opponent. You also have to ensure that your car doesn’t run out of gas or flip over because then it will explode and you will be kicked out of the race. Admittedly, this is pretty hard to do!

It definitely takes some real skills to beat your component, or even finish the race full stop. There is an option to upgrade your speed which definitely helps, however, that will cost you and we know that some of you gamers don’t enjoy spending a dime on app games! We don’t blame you, some of them definitely aren’t worth it and this is one of them.


The visuals are nice and the cars and the characters are detailed!

The graphics for MMX Hill Dash 2 aren’t the best but they’re not bad either. They’re just simple cartoon yet 3D style graphics that are colorful. However, I do find that the game lags which doesn’t help as this is a pretty hard game and you can’t really afford for the game to lag on top of that.

However, the visuals are nice and the cars and characters are quite detailed. I definitely wouldn’t say it’s of console quality but it’s definitely not bad.


Depending on random circumstances, there is sometimes music in MMX Hill Dash 2 and sometimes there isn’t. I prefer when there isn’t. The music is slightly annoying, however, there is an option to turn it off if you wish.


Control your vehicle with two buttons and try not to explode like we did!

There are two buttons to control everything with, the accelerator and the brake. When you’re in the air from whatever reason, these controls help you tilt your vehicle but when you’re on the ground, they control how fast you’re going.

The Power of in-app Purchases

Purchase packs and gems from the store!

From the store, you can purchase gems or packs. The packs contain more than just gems and you end up getting more for your money.


  • 6500 gems for £1.99
  • 17000 gems for £4.99
  • 36000 gems for £9.99
  • 85000 gems for £19.99
  • 228000 gems for £48.99


  • Fast track offer – 6000 micros, 15000 gems and 200 workshops for £2.99

The verdict

What did you think of MMX Hill Dash 2?

When it comes to fast-paced games that you can play in your spare time, this is definitely a winner. It’s easy to play a little bit here and there but it’s definitely not something that can be played for hours on end. However, the game is particularly hard in some places.

You start the game enjoying yourself but then within a flash your car will explode and you’ll think it’s just a learning curve. Wrong. Next thing you know you’ve played the same level 30 times in one day and you keep exploding at the same point. It became SO annoying! I am currently stuck on level 6 and I give up – I play games in the evening to wind down not to bring my stress levels back up!

On top of this, there are no checkpoints in the level so if you explode, you have to start from the beginning. What kind of sick game doesn’t have checkpoints? Also the fuel system means you can’t go slower otherwise you’ll run out of gas. Which also kicks you out of the level. Basically, you can’t win.

Even if you’re thinking “Sure, I love a challenge”, be prepared because it most likely will come to a point where you’re screaming at your phone…

MMX Hill Dash 2 – Race Offroad Overall Rating: 2/5

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