Jackpot Crush – Casino Slots

Jackpot Crush – Casino Slots

Something big is coming!

Top casino app Jackpot Crush X Original IGT Slot Machines!

Classic game, new experience!

Your familiar Top Dollar Premium™, Da Vinci Diamonds™, Ocean Magic™, and other IGT slots are all at your fingertips! Everything you can think of is in Jackpot Crush – Free Slots Casino Games.

【Stinkin’ Rich Skunks Gone Wild】 Rich bonuses, original character, loads of fun…… The Random Wild Feature and Free Spin Features offer you more than 100 ways to win!

【Wolf Run Eclipse】 Wheel Bonus, free games and various of Jackpots! Win big in this multiple-feature slot machine which you are familiar with!

【Wheel of Fortune Diamond Spins 2X Wilds】Spin the Wheel of Fortune, give it a try on the amazing bonuses and win big!

【Money Mania Cleopatra & Pharaoh’s Fortune】Explore the Mysterious Egyptian Treasures and the excitements of winning Free Spins, Jackpot Bonus and other Bonus Features!

Jackpot Crush – Casino Slots is the ultimate destination for all slot lovers out there! Our free slots casino game features premium Vegas slot machines that are designed to provide you with the ultimate gaming experience. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the world of slots, Jackpot Crush has something for everyone. With our exciting bonus games and huge jackpots, you’ll never want to leave! Play now and experience the thrill of hitting the jackpot!

Jackpot Crush – Casino Slots Links:

iOS Link:  https://apps.apple.com/us/app/jackpot-crush-casino-slots/id1529572983

Android Link:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=slots.dcg.casino.games.free.android

Company: SpinXGames Limited

Genre: Casino Games

Rated: 17+

Offers in-app Purchases

Hey Casual Gamers!

Lady Luck can be a very thoughtful partner in life.  She can come around when least expected and there are times when she’s a boon in the darkness.  Other times she’s cold and distant, but either way, she’s always welcomed anyway she decides to grace our casual lives.

Jackpot Crush offers new ways to capture great moments of epic wins in a way that almost feels like Lady Luck has a vacancy on your phone or tablet.  The real question of course is this actually worth your time and precious space?

Find your favorite chair and let’s spin into this causal review!


Get ready for a massive list of IGT slots to choose from!

To put it lightly, everyone that plays slot games looks for a big win.  Jackpot Crush puts players in a land of slots made from IGT (International Game Technology).  Most slots in this casual app are in actual casinos, so playing can give the feeling of practice for the real deal!

The actual number of starting slots are rather limited.  After a few hundred spins however, more of the library opens up.  Stinking Rich, Wolf Run and Scarabs are more of the popular slots, and are mostly ready to play from the start.

One of the better luxuries about this casual app is the massive amount of free coins.  There’s almost no menu that doesn’t open up into free coins.  This can sometimes translate into taking an advertisement to the face, but being low on coins could make it worth it.


Slots can be portrait or landscape!

Jackpot Crush has varying graphics for each slot.  While some of the more modern look flushed and animated, others feel dated.  Thankfully, not too many that are old.

Orientation of slots is something to look for when selecting slots.  I’m usually in landscape mode when using a tablet, so being forced into portrait mode can feel a bit awkward.  On the phone however, this feels rather acceptable.

Outside of those issues, most of your favorite slots share graphics that are on the casino floors.  With the combination of free coins and options for massive bets, getting a big win on your phone or tablet has never looked better.


Auto spin on some of your favorite casino slot games!

Naturally, there’s not the unique sounds of the casino floor when playing Jackpot Crush.  Sure, all the bells and whistles are there, so there’s options to feel like it.

On the other hand, should players not want that audio experience on their phone or tablet, it’s still an enjoyable experience.  A good playlist with a few big wins and some auto plays can bring their own feels towards searching for the win that you can brag to others about.

Avid Gamers that play games via audio cues should naturally have headphones in, but again, it’s kinda not necessary.  Free spin awards and bonus awards pause themselves before engaging to give players a chance to participate.


Just logging into the app gives you free coins!

With Auto spins, a decent bet, and a solid bank of coins, Jackpot Crush will play itself.

Naturally, that’s what casual Gamers look for when it comes to Casino Games on your phone or tablet.

Outside of the slots tend to be a bit of a different story.  There’s an enormous amount of menus, pages, and notifications to check for free coins and other bits of information.  It’s absolutely wild to think about the different screens that are not slots in a Casino game app.

Hate it or love it, logging into this casual app and going straight into a slot game is not happening.  Get ready to say no and to collect free coins to alot of menus before finally being able to make a slot selection.

Good thing this doesn’t happen in real life, right?

The Power of in-app Purchases

With all the free coins, do you even need to make a purchase?

So, if you’ve made it this far into our casual review, thank you for reading!

Free coins has been talked about throughout this review, and for good reason as they are abundant!  Getting a few big wins will keep the auto spins going, but should players bet outside of their bank, coins can and will go fast.

Should a purchase then be made?  I’ve always been weary about making purchases on Casino apps as they don’t really meet a need like one would in a game. Those looking to inject a few million coins should for sure look for a good deal before committing to anything, however, there’s a good reason to just wait until a daily reset to just get free coins from other sources.

It’s always up to the player to open their wallets to this type of game, but as a reviewer, I would just caution anyone looking to do so.

As in any type of gambling (this in particular will net you nothing!) never make a purchase that will blow your budget!

The Verdict

Could your next big win be on your phone or tablet?

Overall, Jackpot Crush is here to give players a scratch for their Casino itch.  Once players get past level 120 or so, a large amount of the slots game library opens up and even more mini games and collectibles open for even more free coins.

For the casual gamer just looking to play slots for a while, this could be your next casual obsession.  Advertisements are around, so be ready to take a few to the face, especially after a random big win, but it’s nothing that would take players out of the moment.

Already hit the apocalyptic win and looking to show off?  Drop a comment in the section below and let us know what favorite slot game did it for you!

Happy Gaming, and as always, keep it casual!

Jackpot Crush – Casino Slots Overall Score: 4/5

Jackpot Crush – Casino Slots Links:

iOS Link:  https://apps.apple.com/us/app/jackpot-crush-casino-slots/id1529572983

Android Link:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=slots.dcg.casino.games.free.android

Company: SpinXGames Limited

Genre: Casino Games

Rated: 17+

Offers in-app Purchases

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