How to win in Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Champion Hill

The Call of Duty franchise has gained unprecedented fame among top battle Royale titles. More endearing is the fact that the game gives you a good combination of adventure, gore, fun, and thrill. In the Champion Hill mode available in Vanguard, the goal is to wipe out other enemy teams to become the last man standing on the map.

However, don’t charge into that battlefield intent on killing everyone on sight. Go in with a well-planned strategy to avoid repeatedly losing your precious loot to enemies due to avoidable mistakes. In addition to the tips we’ll be presenting, we recommend visiting Battlelog for the best COD hacks available.

Tips to help you win in Vanguard’s Champion Hill

  • Get new weapon upgrades as soon as possible.

You won’t make much impact if you continue with the default starting weapons. All players and teams on the map start with the same pistol-submachine gun weapon duo. While this will help you survive early battles, you’ll be overpowered in a match against players with equipped better guns.

First, head to a nearby Buy Station for a weapon upgrade as soon as your team has enough cash. Mind you; you must have your pistol unholstered as whatever weapon you get from the Buy Station will swap with the gun on you. But if you prefer to let go of your SMG instead, have it equipped when you go for a swap.

  • Play as a band.

You’ll find many gaming guides emphasizing playing COD matches as a team. We don’t mean belonging to a team only, but playing with the consciousness that you have teammates. You must consider looking out for them or combining your resources for an attack.

If you intend to split up and take different quarters of the map, then you must do so with caution. This is because all members of the team have 12 lives which they all share. If you can’t afford the risk, gang up and push quarters together as your combined firepower will avail more.

  • Be selective with how you spend your cash.

You’ll accumulate more money as you continue making kills. However, you’ll end up wasting the money and eventually losing the match if you don’t spend the money on the right things. In Champion Hill, players can upgrade their weapons up to 10 times.

Doing this increases the number of attachments they can get on the upgraded weapon. Aside from upgrades, another important thing worth spending cash on is extra lives. An extra life on a Champion Hill match costs $3,000 and is available during buy rounds.

  • Playing chicken might be the only option at times.

Champion Hill matches are designed to last for 60 seconds. At the expiration, the surviving team or the team with the highest kill point is declared the winner. If you get more points than the opposing team, it wouldn’t be of any damage to wait for the 1 minute to expire.

This tip comes in handy if you run into a section of the map where your opponents are at vantage positions and equipped with sniper rifles. However, you can fight back if you have a counter-sniper on your team. You may end up with the $1,000 price or a tie instead of dying for nothing; who cares?

  • The Spy Plane and Ghost Perk are worth buying.

If you want to be at a major advantage, we recommend buying both the Spy Plane and the Ghost perk. While the Spy Plane goes for about $500, you’ll need an extra $500 to purchase the Ghost perk.

With the Spy Plane, you’ll be able to see the positions of your nearby enemies on the map. However, others are also aware of the Spy Plane – your opponents. While this can put you and your team at an obvious disadvantage, the Ghost perk will help you stay undetected.


Compared to many other COD releases, the Champion Hill may sound a bit easier. Don’t be fooled because you may run into an enemy who has already upgraded their weapon. If you don’t have good armor or cover nearby, you’ll jeopardize your entire team since you draw from the same life bank. Upgrade your weapons and play side-by-side with your teammates. If death seems imminent, playing chicken won’t be such a bad idea.

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