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Heroes Auto Chess


Like in other MOBA fight games, you will compete against other players, each heading a team of warriors. But it’s not the typical MMORPG online strategy because this in-game location differs completely from other multiplayer war games. Here, you will struggle with your rivals in a 3D battle chess arena! It’s like playing chess online while armed with deadly weapons.


Discover your commander’s talent in this fun battle game. It’s similar to tower defense games but much better! In each round, your team will struggle against new waves of rivals. To stand up to your enemies, invent clever strategy and tactics. Catch your rivals off-balance with intricate maneuvers and cunning attacks. Try playing chess online with fantastic characters instead of chessmen.

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Company: Tap2PlayLLC

Genre: Games, Board Games

Rated: 12+

Offers in-app Purchases


Hey Casual Gamers!  Strategy games have always been a personal favorite of mine.  If you are unfamiliar with auto chess, it’s worth a look to check out a few streams.

Auto Chess has had a few interesting developments throughout it’s time.  One I can remember playing many moons ago was auto chess in Warcraft 3.

Warcraft 3 itself has a list of over 100 custom games to play should you ever get the itch to play.  But I digress..

The current version of Auto Chess can be found in a custom map of DOTA 2 (Defense of the Ancients, oddly enough has also had a run on Warcraft 3)

So, with all that said, casual players can now rejoice as Heroes Auto Chess now offers this epic game on your phone or tablet.

Is it worth your casual time?  lets get our thinking caps on with this casual review!


IMG_1648-1024x473 Heroes Auto Chess

There’s a huge list of classes and abilities for any play-style!

Heads up, there’s not a really handy tutorial for Auto Chess.

A round is played when three heroes are chosen and put into the game board.  The more silver coins you acquire, the more units you can buy.

Once decided, select fight and the enemies of the round will come and start the attack!  Sit back and watch the show.

When all foes are defeated, the next round will start with another choosing selection.

Auto Chess is a simple game to play, but strategy and a little bit of RNG will help you master this casual app.

Fun Tip:  Summoning three of the same kind of heroes will level up that hero for a massive stats boost.  This is important to understand as you progress.


IMG_1651-1024x473 Heroes Auto Chess

Store additional heroes on the sidelines!

The graphics aren’t the best in the world.  There’s also some Russian that’s not translated into English in some parts of the game.

The animation of heroes brawling it out on the board is inciting enough to watch the action.

I gotta admit, some of the heroes look pretty cool.  While others, are just…there.

We can’t all be winners, right?


IMG_1652-1024x473 Heroes Auto Chess

One can appreciate the stage changes at the completion of each level!

Now that we are talking about it, the music isn’t the best on this casual app either.  There’s the occasional sound of swords and spells going off, but its lackluster at best.  The video came out with no sound either.  Trust me, you weren’t missing much because the music volume in game was sketchy.

This works for Auto Chess as there’s alot of deep thinking at times to find the most optimal setup.


IMG_1650-1024x473 Heroes Auto Chess

Press fight and watch the action unfold!

Most of the controls will be automatic (Hence in the name, right?) so there’s not much outside of clicking.

Navigating menus and exploring will be the key to learning more about this casual app.

Cryptic, right?  Here’s some pointers to help out:

The box with the chess pieces will transition you from the hero select menu to the board area.  When in the hero select area, if you don’t like the current selection of heroes, for 2 silver you can get another random group of heroes!

The Power of in-app Purchases

IMG_1653-1024x473 Heroes Auto Chess

The higher the level, the more gold coins received! Gold coins are used for permanent upgrades to the board.

Plain and simple, if you don’t want to make a purchase get ready for some ads.

I mean some of them aren’t too bad.  They are five seconds or so and you can keep playing.  The worse kind of ads are the ones that interrupt game-play for 30 seconds.  I get it, ads are needed to keep the revenue coming in.

Not to mention in the early stages take an ad to the face for the silver coins is completely worth.

The question to ask yourself is this:  Is this casual app good enough to pay 5.99 to remove some ads?

Yes.  I think that it is.  Granted there’s a few flaws to work out, it’s still a legit version of Auto Chess mobile!  I don’t use that yes word very often when it comes to purchases casual gamers, so this is a big deal for me!

The Verdict

IMG_0486-1024x768 Heroes Auto Chess

Which one of your favorite heroes will lead you to victory?

This is an acceptable version of Auto Chess mobile.  There’s still some work and improvements needed, but the gameplay is enjoyable enough to keep playing.

If you have every been interesting in what Auto Chess is about or just want a new casual app, this is that casual app for you!

An Auto Chess master and want to taunt us plebs?  Drop a comment in the section below and tell us all about your best games!

Happy Gaming, and as always, keep it casual!

Heroes Auto Chess Overall Rating: 3/5

Heroes Auto Chess Links:

iOS Link

Android Link

Company: Tap2PlayLLC

Genre: Games, Board Games

Rated: 12+

Offers in-app Purchases

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