Fortress Saga

Fortress Saga

Hey, y’all! Get ready to join Fortress Saga and hop on the adventure of Cor and Louis – the seed filled with the power of life and the descendant of an honored hero!

As you gather allies, you’ll customize your fortress to your own taste and explore dungeons in vast worlds. Defeat your enemies and grow stronger even faster! Plus, the chemistry between heroes and eye-catching graphics will keep you engaged and wanting more.

So what are you waiting for? In Fortress Saga, anything is possible, so come and let your imagination run wild!

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Company:  Cookapps

Genre:  Idle RPG

Rated: 9+

Hey Casual Gamers!

A massive fortress can send the right signal to any opponent.  The only thing that would make it better would be…if that fortress moved?

Fortress Saga offers players an Idle RPG that has plenty to do while playing.  With memorable bosses, a massive amount of free loot and multiple ways to level your fortress, and colorful content, is this casual app worth your time and phone space?

Put some legs on that building and walk into this casual review!


Gather heroes, tokens, and loot to make your fortress the strongest in the land!

The story starts off with heroes and a flame of the world tree setting off to fight evil.  Like most Idle RPGs, the story tends to not be much of a factor.  Fortress Saga aims to change that as there are animated stories for players to follow.  Just want to dive into the action?  Players can skip these stories and focus on leveling heroes.

There’s not just heroes to level.  Players also have control of leveling the fortress, and the ember that powers the fortress.  Collection multiple tokens for different parts can be a bit overwhelming, however this casual app finds ways to keep it simple, yet massive.

Perhaps it’s this formula that keeps me logging each day.


Transaction scenes so beautiful the wait isn’t an issue!

Fortress Saga is, for lack of better words, a digital masterpiece.  For those thinking that this is a strong word, I suggest downloading this casual app right now and proving me wrong.

From the heroes to the landscape, there’s always something to look at and the visuals are superb.

There’s an argument that this casual app looks better or at least on par with console games.  For those not looking for a satisfying visual surprise from and Idle RPG, this one is here to set the standard going forward.


Open Dungeons as you level for more rewards!

Arguably, the one thing Fortress Saga is missing would be English voice actors.  While voices are in either Korean or Japanese, all writings are in English.

I say this not for the story, but for the random voices of the heroes mowing down the endless stream of minions.  They are plentiful, yet not annoying.

This casual app also has more background music than I’ve ever heard and craved from any Idle RPG.  Memorable sounds have such a vibe that it wouldn’t be that bad to chill on a menu just to hear the music.

While not needed, this causal app works well without sound, as there’s not a need for audio queues for anything.  There would be a grave injustice not having the volume up and casually blasting.  There’s not enough space on this page to contain the greatness that is Fortress Saga’s music.


Never forget to level the basic skills, they feed every other power ups.

Fortress Saga thankfully has no real controls to worry about.  Sure there are those players that would like to take control of how skills are used, but there’s just a few clicks to manage for that.

One of the more satisfying ways to learn about this casual app is following the red notification dots that appear on menu icons.

These notifications are easy to understand, and usually lead to some type of leveling up, summoning, or a collection of rewards.  The time saved not having to mindlessly menu dive is intangible and well received.

The Power of in-app Purchases

Each purchase excel players to bigger blessings!

So with all this gushing over Fortress Saga, there must be some monetary catch, right?

Thankfully, there isn’t!  While deals are massive and abundant, there’s a free to play track that allows players to engage and not spend a dime.  Most offers don’t seem like a must have to proceed, but knowing what is needed is advised, as there is alot going on in this casual app.

For those just looking to play for free, ads are casually spread around menus and auto loot collection.  Ads tend to be the full 30 seconds, but the rewards are rather worth the wait.  There’s never a real push for ads or purchase notifications.

Before making a purchase, ensure what is needed for optimal power before cracking the casual wallet.

The Verdict

Completing dailies lead to bigger rewards!

Don’t miss out on Fortress Saga.  There’s a great deal that comes together to make an epic casual app.  While the language can sometimes make it feel like a JRPG, the simplicity of playing and multiple ways to level up, players can find themselves playing more than they do Idle.  What casual player doesn’t want that?

Already at the top 1% of powerful players and looking to show off?  Drop a comment in the section below, and let us know your favorite composition!

Happy Gaming, and as always, keep it casual!

Fortress Saga Overall Score: 5/5

Fortress Saga Links:

iOS Link:

Android Link:

Company:  Cookapps

Genre:  Idle RPG

Rated: 9+

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