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Dungeon & Alchemist

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Dungeon & Alchemist

Create potions and spells with the ingredients you get from killing monsters!

Overcome with an alchemy item even if a powerful boss appears!

As you research alchemy, you can get Powerful potions and magic scrolls!

Become more powerful alchemist!

Upgrade your rankings beyond the limitations of alchemy upgrades, fortifications, artifacts, petals, etc.

Make your own character with various costumes!

Dungeon & Alchemist Links:

iOS Link:

Android Link:

Company: Teemo Soft

Genre: Idle RPG, Indie Games

Rated: 12+

Offers in-app Purchases


Hey Casual Gamers!

The concept of letting a game play while you AFK has always fascinated me.  Any casual or hardcore gamer knows that most of what makes games fun and interesting is how bad the grind is!

Dungeon & Alchemist offers a different play style for Idle RPGs.  Is it worth your casual space on your phone or tablet?  Lets dig into this review and find out!


Something too strong? just restart the same level and try again!

The story is pretty basic.  You play as an alchemist that enters an endless dungeon killing spree.  Defeated foes will drop items that you can then transmute into potions or scrolls.

I know this maybe listed as an Idle RPG, but it feels like more work and less idling.  This seems to be a good thing when it comes to Dungeon and Alchemist.

I enjoy the idea of using potions to power up.  I really enjoy the idea of not having to collect tons of heroes!  Just a one man potion making mad man!

When it becomes too difficult to pass through the next level, a reset button appears after stage 20 to bring you back to one.  After the reset, the Alchemist goes into a frenzy and just dices up monsters at the base camp!  Once the bloodbath is completed, the game restarts on a stage that’s on par with any power ups that were kept after reset.

Just a heads up, most of your red gems will be used for potion and permanent stat upgrades.  Use them wisely!

Every kind of the currency the game requires for upgrades also seem to be in game as well.  There’s pretty much a price for everything in Dungeons and Alchemist.

Just be ready for a alot of clicking.

And of course…Ads!


Items can be collected while you are not playing. Take an Ad to the face for twice the rewards!

So the graphics are 8-bit and at best comical.  The artwork does add well to it’s overall theme of having and Idle alchemist in your pocket.

There’s not much going on motion wise either.  Most of the monsters more or less bump into you to attack.

There’s some dazzle in when using potions and scrolls, but it’s about on the same stage as everything else.

I’m sure it looks like 80% of the game is menu.  Truth is it kinda is, but that still doesn’t take much away from gameplay!


When things get too tough, there’s always the reset button!

The soundtrack to this casual app really isn’t that bad!  The boss fights at the end of each stage is announced with a change of music which puts you on alert to start popping potions!

Sound effects are pretty enjoyable as well.  Thankfully there’s not one “irritating” sound that keeps playing anytime throughout the game.

While I would recommend the sound on for this one, Idle RPGs can be played with a playlist and not miss much from it.


For being an Alchemist, there’s some pretty scary weapons in there!

If click fiesta doesn’t accurately describe this casual app, I’m not sure what will.

I know I’m into playing games where I’m active, but this is more work than I’m used to in an Idle RPG.

I’d like to think that this is just in the early levels, or maybe I’m not allocating to the right stats.

At any rate, coming back to the game after a while does yield some pretty decent rewards.

The Power of in-app Purchases

Any purchase made will remove ads from the game! Support developers you love!

The package bundles are respectable in this casual app.  I usually don’t like to spend money on one in-game item, so I’m always going to leap for joy when it comes to good bundles.

If you aren’t ready to give you support purchase wise, get ready  to sit through some ads to power up!

So far, I’ve yet to be interrupted mid-game for an ad.  I have willingly set through numerous ads for double rewards and double spins.  There’s even ads for improved loot!

Dungeon and Alchemist even goes as far as being the first game I’ve seen that gives daily rewards for taking ads to the face.  It’s hard to not be impressed by that kind of setup.

Knowing that there’s no joy in looking at ads no one is interested in, ads for in-game profit changes things!  Not to mention most of the ads are the watch five seconds and skip ads, drastically cutting down the usual soul draining 30 seconds of my life.

Ultimately, I foresee myself making a purchase as a  sign of support.  Just playing in-game and grinding will get you any coin needed eventually.  Even the Blue gems come often enough to not have a need for purchase.

The Verdict

There’s no village to hustle income from here!

I can’t seem to put down Dungeon and Alchemist.  Even with the hassle of dealing with leveling up through advertisements, there’s some magic in seeing those numbers go up.

If you’re looking for a decent Idle RPG and don’t want to keep wishing for that right hero to carry the others, Dungeon and Alchemist is the casual app for you!  I look forward to getting to stage 100 and seeing what bigger monsters I get to face.

Avid fan of Dungeon and Alchemist and what to give the rest of us some tips?  Drop a comment in the section below and lets trade potions together to kill these monsters!

Happy Gaming, and as always, keep it casual!

Dungeons and Alchemist Overall Rating: 4/5

Dungeon & Alchemist Links:

iOS Link:

Android Link:

Company: Teemo Soft

Genre: Idle RPG, Indie Games

Rated: 12+

Offers in-app Purchases

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