Draw It Review!

“Looking for a fun and addictive game where you compete against others.

Make sure you draw fast and quick to beast the competition, as you only have a limited amount of time on the clock to draw as many objects as possible.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an artist or can only sketch! You too will fall in love with this addictive fast-paced drawing game.

The features include:

– Simple and addictive gameplay

– Variety of word packs to unlock and collect

– Number of different objects to draw and sketch

– Fierce competition

– Limited time to draw”

Draw It Links:

iOS Link:

Android Link:

Company: Kwalee

Genre: Puzzle, Indie Games

Rated: 4+

Offers in-app Purchases


Draw an object and the bot will guess!

The aim of Draw It is to draw as quickly as possible. You’re given two words and you get to pick between the two of which one you want to draw. The bot will then try and guess what you’re drawing and the more drawings that are guessed correctly, the more points you get. I found that some of the words were really easy to draw, but for some reason, the bot wasn’t guessing correctly. Maybe I’m just horrendous at drawing. Yep, that’s it. Some are also really hard to draw, on one of the rounds I got to pick to draw The Great Wall of China or a carrot. Obviously, I picked the carrot.


The graphics fit in well with the game’s theme!

The graphics are simple but in a good way. Everything on the screen looks as if it was drawn on and it fits right in with the theme of the game. The colors range from white, black and then the color of the drawing you make. I really like the simplicity of the way the game looks.

Music & Sounds

As for the music, there isn’t any. However, the sounds are based around drawing, like the sound of a pencil against paper. There’s also a “ding” noise when you or your opponents get to the next stage. As you get towards the end of the match, there is a ticking noise counting down to the end.


The controls are easy, just draw!

The controls all lie within the fingertips. Draw with your finger, clear your artwork with the button on the left and skip the drawing with the skip button on the right. Be aware that you only have a limited amount of skips, though, which takes me to my next point.

The Power of in-app Purchases

Purchase VIP or remove ads!

You can purchase VIP for £13.49 a month (try it free for 3 days), it includes:

  • Free coins every day
  • Exclusive characters
  • Remove ads
  • VIP word packs

Or if you want to remove ads by itself, you can for £2.99. I personally think that the VIP package is a little bit expensive for what you get. £13.49 a month is more than a Netflix subscription, so you have to be REALLY into this game in order to spend that kind of money on it.

The Verdict

What did you think of Draw It?

This is a really fun and quick game to play when you only have a few minutes. You get to play with people all around the world and show off your embarrassing sketching skills. My favorite was how the graphics were designed as if they had been drawn, and that everything was in black and white. I can’t fault the gameplay, but the in-app purchases are really expensive and not worth the money.

Draw It Overall Rating: 3/5

iOS Link:

Android Link:

Company: Kwalee

Genre: Puzzle,Indie Games

Rated: 4+

Offers in-app Purchases

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