Cook Off: Pet Rescue Review

“Cook Off: Pet Rescue is the latest and greatest cooking and pet rescue experience from the makers of the hit time management game Virtual Families: Cook Off!

Set out on a quest to save animals in peril as you cook delicious meals and return cute critters to your very own customized sanctuary!”

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Company: Gogii Games Corp

Genre: Casual

Rated: 4+

Offers in-app Purchases


Serve customers within the time limit!

I love a good time management game, especially when it involves food. Cook Off: Pet Rescue allows you to serve customers while on a quest to save animals and return them to your very own customized sanctuary. My favorite part of the game was, of course, the restaurant part. There’s something so stressful yet fun about serving customers within a tight time limit.

Although a lot of time management games are similar, I felt like this one stood out a lot more due to the rescuing aspect of it. If you like animals and food, you might want to read on!


I’m not a fan of the graphics!

The graphics completely threw me off. The women who run the rescue service look detailed and normal, however, the customers are terrifying. They’re all emotionless and look dead inside – it really made me uncomfortable. I know that games like this don’t focus on amazing graphics, but it can be done better than this.

Music & Sounds

The audio was basic at best. It didn’t add anything to the gameplay so you could easily play this muted – the characters didn’t talk either which was disappointing.


Tap to serve!

To control, tap on the food item you want to cook, cook it, and then tap again to serve to a customer. It’s as simple as that! It’s important for time-management games to have easy controls as it’s hard enough to keep up with the levels as it is!

In-app Purchases

Purchase diamonds and boosters!

To help you through the levels, you can purchase diamonds and boosters. They’re not necessary but you’ll get through the game a lot quicker if you do. There’s nothing worse than doing the same level 50 times before you finally pass it!


  • 100 diamonds for £1.79
  • 300 diamonds or £8.99
  • 650 diamonds for £8.99
  • 1400 diamonds for £17.99
  • 3500 diamonds for £44.99
  • 7200 diamonds for £89.99


You can also purchase boosters such as:

  • More customers
  • More time
  • Insta-cook
  • Burn proofer
  • Price doubler
  • Treat bags
  • Time freeze

The Verdict

What did you think?!

I thought I would enjoy this game more than I did. Although there was nothing wrong with the gameplay, the graphics were far too off-putting for me to actually enjoy playing.

If you decide to download Cook Off: Pet Rescue, let us know what you think and if you agree or disagree with the things we said. Happy gaming and stay casual!

Cook Off: Pet Rescue Overall Rating: 3/5

iOS Link:

Android Link:

Company: Gogii Games Corp

Genre: Casual

Rated: 4+

Offers in-app Purchases

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