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With fresh new slots games dropping almost every week, we’ve got hundreds of online casino-style games to play for free, without so much as a download in sight! Stream your favorite games straight from your browser on any device. At Chumba Casino, there’s something for every slots and casino game player—from Roulette to Blackjack to Video Poker and Jackpot slots—so the chances are, you’ll always find something you love!

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Over one million players enjoy our free online casino-style games, including a vast collection of exciting slots, every single day! Join the Chumba Casino fam for fun, games, giggles and friendly chats. Our Chumba community is a friendly bunch—join them on social media for more competitions and even more Chumba fun. We love making a fuss of our players. So much so, you’ll find a peachy welcome offer waiting for you when you sign up.

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Company: VGW Malta Limited

Genre: Casino Games

Rated: 18+

Offers in-app Purchases

Hey Casual Gamers!

Anyone who has been a casual fan of The Casual App Gamer we have covered Casino App Games.

The rise of social style casino games has been rather popular of late, but most covered don’t have much promise of real money.  Chumba Casino offers a massive amount of slots, Slingo, table games, and even scratch off cards for players looking for a big win.  It even has the possibility of putting money BACK into your account!

So is this real, or even better, worth your casual time and phone or tablet space?

Toss a coin to Fortuna, and venture into this casual review!


The Power of a Casino now in your web browser!

Social style casinos offers casino games that offer free coins int lieu of real money to play.  Chumba Casino takes gaming outside of apps as players can access it via a web browser.

Once logged in, there’s a login reward of coins and a type of coin called sweep coins.  These coins, once a certain threshold is reached, can be redeemed for real cash!

This casino game also offers various types of games such as slots, jackpot slots, Slingo, which is a combination of bingo and slots, table games, and gaming match three games.  There are also scratch off card games where players can get a batch of tickets and hope for the best.

Whatever is your pleasure at the casino it seems to be covered!  Whats better is that you never have to leave your house and is accessible anytime.


Try your hand at Slingo!

So, when people talk about web browser games, graphics are usually lacking.  Chumba Casino does all it can to make that idea a thing of the past!

Slots take up most of the phone space and are animated to feel like an actual slot machine.  Slingo graphics actually make me want to watch every spin.  Even the graphics for the scratch off tickets are decent enough to keep watching for wins.

There’s not that feel of a cheap knock off that would make players weary of giving information.  This is important as there is an actual way to win money from your phone or tablet.  There’s something to look for every casino visit.


Get ready to spin til you win!

For most social casinos music is normally mid.  Chumba Casino doesn’t change that much, but it helps that every game has some type of sound effect.  Slingo music does feel memorable, but that might be that I’m kinda partial to playing it.

There’s no main menu music, which feels like a miss, but at the same time it’s to be expected of a web browser game.  Once players access their selected games the music and sounds kick in, bringing players into the full immersion of the game.

Free game bells and whistles aren’t as loud as some games tend to be, but the notification is generous and welcomed as always.


Try your coins and hand at a new way to match 3!

Chumba Casino is simple and effective when it comes to navigating.  Games can be accessed via categories, and when players are done or want to venture into another game, clicking on the Chumba Casino title returns players back to the main menu.

Auto spins comes with counters and the wage change button is comfortably place next to the spin.

One game that offers great controls would be Elite of Evil.  This casino game is a match three that has multiplers based on what colors have been matched.  When no more moves can be made, the game ends.

This kind of game is what Casinos have been missing for me.  It’s a skill game hidden as a casino game that give those who master match three games a chance to shine and make money for it.

The Power of in-app Purchases

Verification is required for payments!

As stated in this review, not only can players purchase coins for Chumba Casino, for each purchase they are awarded Sweep Coins.

Sweep Coins are a way to make real money playing Casino Games.  The purchases feel like a deal as making a purchase for 10 bucks doubles the amount of Sweep Coins to 20.

For reference, each Sweep Coin can be considered as 1 dollar.  So winning 100 Sweep Coins in a game equals 100 bucks in real money!

Redeeming money from wins has a process which mostly includes a Government issued ID and a bill or a piece of mail that has a physical address.  PayPal is also an acceptable way of receiving payouts.

As far as Casino games with actual payouts, this one holds true to the promise!  With one lucky spin, players can come out on top and win from their phone or tablet!

The Verdict

Always check for ways to get free coins before making a purchase!

Overall, Chumba Casino has it all.  A vast library that could contend with any other Casino App Game, and a chance to win real money playing games.

Being leery of these kind of Casino Games is my specialty, but as someone who looks out for other Casual Gamers, it’s safe to say that this is a game worth taking a look at.  With daily gold and sweep coins rewards, there’s always a way to try your luck on some real money.

This is a casino, and all players should take into consideration how much they are willing to play with.  Never make a purchase outside of your means and know when enough is enough.  Pacing yourself is key to not letting the Casino dictate your wallet.

Had a big win and want somewhere to brag?  Drop a comment in the section below and tell us your favorite game!

Happy Gaming, and as always, keep it casual!

Chumba Casino Overall Score: 5/5

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Company: VGW Malta Limited

Genre: Casino Games

Rated: 18+

Offers in-app Purchases

Hey Casual Gamers!

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