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Casual Gamer’s Wishlist Vol.3

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The Casual Gamer’s Wishlist Vol.3

Hey Casual Gamers!  There’s so much to gaming these days, with so many options to choose from, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype of advertisements.

Today, presents you with our must have items when it comes to casual gaming.  What ever system you game on, may this list serve you and your consoles better!

Devil May Cry 5

The Hack-N-Slash we’ve grown to love over the decades is back with it’s 5th installment!  Join Dante, Nero and the Crew to battle against the dark demon Urizen.

Devil May Cry 5 Gameplay

Kingdom Hearts 3

The long awaited and much anticipated final(?) installment of Kingdom Hearts three is an absolute must have.  If you don’t know about Kingdom Hearts, starting from the 1st to the last will be a marathon of a task.  Mostly because there’s 13 games in total!

Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay

Apex Legends

The best way to describe Apex Legends is that Titanfall took Fortnite out on a date and made an Apex Legend baby.  Less building, more killing, and special powers galore.  Make sure you don’t pass this one up!

Apex Legends Gameplay

Sekiro:  Shadows Die Twice

If you don’t know about Sekiro, consider yourself informed!  This game is a wonderful blend of Bloodborne and Dark Souls mixed in a Feudal Japan Era.  Doesn’t sound bad ass enough?  Check out the gameplay below!

Sekiro:  Shadows Die Twice Gameplay

I Paused my Game to be Here Shirt

T-shirts are the real life meme platform.  Stand out and show your discontent of whatever real life situation you are stuck in!  All the real casual gamers will emote /applause and /praise in your direction!

AirPods (Older Generation)

It’s a shame how awesome these headphones are.  Basic wireless freedom from any device makes these Airpods more than attractive to any casual gamer. Check often for discounts and special offers on these wireless headphones!

Havit Rainbow Keyboard

Gaming with this just looks amazing.  Not to mention that it also comes in white!  A casual white keyboard might give an epic mental power boost.

When’s the last time you saw a white multicolored keyboard?

Thanks casual gamers for another volume in the books!  We hope these recommendations help upgrade your latest rig or at the very least, give some epic content to enjoy!

Make sure to check regularly  for some of the greatest reviews on your phone or tablet!

Happy Gaming, and as always, Keep it Casual!

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