Call of Antia Review!

“Welcome to Call of Antia world!

Call of Antia is a brand new type of match 3 RPG puzzle game. In this unique RPG game, the classic match 3 puzzle gameplay is mixed with battle, magic, and dragons as you fearlessly charge into the enemies.

Are you ready? It’s time to reveal the secrets of Antia!

The knights have waited for a hundred years, yet the mysterious Dragoneer remains a legend.

You, the chosen one, have been summoned to the fantastical land of Antia. Here you will meet more friends, recruit heroes, and unveil the secrets of this land during your journey.

The protectors are becoming forgotten, but the creator has not yet arrived. The Time Portal is damaged, and darkness is wreaking havoc.

When the Five Sages reignite the flames, the truth of the world will be revealed in the Time Portal.

In the wind is a cry for help only the chosen one can hear.”

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Company: FunPlus International AG

Genre: Adventure

Rated: 12+

Offers in-app Purchases


Match-3 to fight!

The game starts off pretty abrupt… quite literally in the middle of a conversation between a group of heroes. From there, you enter a tutorial that goes on for too long as I felt like I had learned what to do fast. The main aspect of the gameplay is match-3. You have to match 3 or more runes of the same color and the color will give your corresponding hero mana. Once their mana is full, your heroes use a special power that’ll attack the antagonists.

The other part of the gameplay is city building – which I’m not a fan of at the best of times.


The graphics weren’t horrible, but they’re nothing like the ads!

The only reason I downloaded this game was because the graphics looked amazing in the ad – unfortunately, I’ve been fooled. I wish I had screenshotted the ad but here is something similar to show you how different the visuals for Call of Antia are compared to how it’s advertised.

The graphics for the actual game had both 3D and 2D aspects and while I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them, I hate when developers lie in their ads to get downloads. I probably would’ve downloaded this game anyway – so the lack of honesty is weird.

Music & Sounds

I was really happy when I heard actual voices coming from the character’s mouths. A lot of the time, gaming developers get lazy and get their audience to read from a script but there’s nothing better than not having to do that.

However, the music in the background was far too loud and intense. I wasn’t a fan.


Drag to match-3!

If you’re familiar with match-3 games, you’ll know what I’m about to say. Yes, all you have to do is drag matching colors to make 3 or more. The controls are easy to follow, keeping the game breezy throughout.

In-app Purchases

Purchase perks, offers, and gems!


  • Building Upgrade Time Requirement: -20%
  • Daily Fallen Titans Attack Chances: +1
  • Daily Free Auto Wins: +1
  • Daily Divination Attempts in Alliance: +1
  • Daily Free Challenge Chances in Arena: +1

All of this is included in the subscription for only £2.79


An array of boosters, coins, and gems are available in this section. Prices range from £2.49 to £89.99.

Gem Pass

  • Gem Pass for £4.49
  • Deluxe Gem Pass for £12.99


  • 325 gems for £4.49
  • 650 gems for £8.99
  • 1300 gems for £17.99
  • 1950 gems for £25.99
  • 3250 gems for £44.99
  • 6500 gems for £89.99

The Verdict

What did you think?!

Although I liked Call of Antia, it is just a match-3 game when you really think about it and that just doesn’t impress me. On top of this, the lack of honesty in their advertisements has turned me off completely. It’s quite a big problem now in the app gaming community…

If you decide to download Call of Antia, let us know what you think and if you agree or disagree with any of the things we said. Happy gaming and stay casual!

Call of Antia Overall Rating: 3/5

iOS Link:

Android Link:

Company: FunPlus International AG

Genre: Adventure

Rated: 12+

Offers in-app Purchases

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