Byte Hunter

Byte Hunter

Can you hack lab computers as a robot?

Can you defeat enemies who want to protect secret files?

Choose from a wide variety of weapons, choose the ones that work best for you and complete missions!

Experience the feeling of unlimited and addictive action!

Byte Hunter Links:

iOS Link:

Android Link:  Not Available on Google Play

Company:  Ugur Gulser

Genre:  Games

Rated: 12+

Hey Casual Gamers!

Casual games feel like my boon from the real world around me.  Everyone has something to complain about, and no one wants solve any issues that matter to you.  Ready to just take it all over with a robot that does your own bidding?

Byte Hunter offers players the chance to control a robot that overtakes the labs humans have born it in.  With no in-game purchases to be made, is this casual app game worth your time and phone space?

Time to run that .exe program and fire up this casual review!


Hack computers to get stronger!

Byte Hunter doesn’t have much of a tutorial other than the basics of movement and objective.  This is one of those casual apps that keep it simple, yet addictive.  Players control a robot bent on destroying all the security stopping it from hacking computers.

With some various power ups and tier weapon upgrades, this casual app has a way of slow progression via hacking and helps players get stronger before going to the next level.

If only hacking was this easy in real life.


Stop the security from destroying your robot!

Byte Hunter has some casual graphics, but updated for our current taste.  While there may not be much exploration or variety going on, there’s still a pleasing and acceptable look that players will casually come back for more.

Incoming attacks have a clear graphic to them, yet they feel like heat-seekers sometimes.

I suppose what would make this casual app better would be a change of scenery every few levels or so.  The best players get is weapon upgrades and the graphics of different weapons.


Pretty boring soundtrack but stays on theme.

Byte Hunter could use a bit of an update for it’s background music.  While the soundtrack sounds decent for a few turns it will slowly be a minor annoyance to anyone without some music to play in another app.

The sounds of this casual app can get a bit repetitive as well, but not much of an issue either as the theme is there and goes along with what’s happening.

If there was any casual app that would be just fine without music or sounds for that matter, it would be this one.


Find loot to pay for powerups!

Byte Hunter controls are pretty clunky at first.  While the powerups help with movement, it will take some sticking it out for them to get better.  It’s mostly the movement speed that feels very hindering.

I suppose this should be expected as players are just beginning to learn.

Security is no joke either.  It feels like they have better movement than they should.  Investing in movement speed give players an upper hand to dodge incoming bullets and other Security that spawns when hacking computers.

The Power of in-app Purchases

Nothing to purchase here! But be ready for ads.

Byte Hunter makes it to due to the fact that it’s free to play.  Of course there’s always a catch and this is where this casual app does it rather badly.

While playing, and without warning, advertisements will spawn.  None of them tend to be longer than 10 seconds, but it really messes with the flow of what’s happening.

I suppose this is a way for the creator to money, but there are various other ways to achieve this.  Mainly, and my favorite, offer players a boost in power to take an advertisement to the face.

The Verdict

Don’t skimp on movement speed!

Byte Hunter feels like it’s not doing much, but there’s enough casual play here to keep me casually logging in to burn some real life time.  Hopefully the developer gets with the program and does some updates, but truthfully it’s not needed.  There’s a long grind to be had so it’s not much of an issue everything looks the same.

At the same time, it’s 2025 and we and casual players crave more.

Already made it to the max level and looking for somewhere to brag about it?  Drop a comment in the section below and let us know how long it took to get there!

Happy Gaming, and as always, keep it casual!

Byte Hunter Overall Score: 3/5

Byte Hunter Links:

iOS Link:

Android Link:  Not Available on Google Play

Company:  Ugur Gulser

Genre:  Games

Rated: 12+

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