Real-time Competitive Matches

Easy to play, hard to master! Basketrio brings in classic 3 on 3 half court basketball matches at a fast gaming pace. Three minutes per match, 100% skill-centric, perfect for showing off your unique style! Lone wolf? Go duel in a 1 on 1 match and become legendary.

Train your Future Star

Basketrio gives you the most freedom in customizing your character! Sign contracts with a diverse cast of players in Basketrio, each with their own unique characteristics, talents, and abilities. Train them however best fits your playstyle. Receive massive rewards as you achieve various training goals!

Flashy Moves and Emotes

Create your very own wombo-combos and trick your opponents with our exclusive Drive-Assist System. Equip special “tricks” to perform majestic animations as you dunk, lay-up, or shoot a three pointer! Then taunt your opponents with your favorite emotes as you score!

Head-to-toe Customize Options

Hundreds of costumes and accessories are there for you to choose from, giving your avatar a new look every game! Street wear, exotic, cosplay, steam-punk, futuristic sci-fi… All styles are covered. Collect new outfits and show off your style! We consistently add new outfits, making sure that the game keeps up with new trends.

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Company: ALL9FUN LTD

Genre: Sport Games

Rated: 12+

Offers in-app Purchases

Hey Casual Gamers!  If you were a fan of Dunk Nation 3×3 when it was around back in 2018, then this casual sporting game is right up your alley!

While the game itself has been live in Asia for a while, it has finally hit the regional shores of the U.S.A!  Is it worth your casual basketball time and skill?  Lets find out!


Matchmaking pairs you up with a random squad. Invite friends and dominate the rankings!

Basketrio offers fast paced 3 on 3 basketball games.  No fouls or crazy rules, just points and a clock.  First team with the highest score wins the game.

While the gameplay is pretty cut and dry, this isn’t any basketball game you’ve recently played.

selecting a character becomes more of a decision due to the position you want to excel in.  Basketrio gives every player to option to be either a center, Power Forward, Point Guard, Shooting Guard and Small Forward.

If you aren’t very familiar with the terms, this casual app includes guided videos to show how each position should be played and what skills they excel in.

If you are looking for the RPG feel of a basketball game, this casual app is game winning basket.


3 on 3 half court matches makes playing easy to follow!

Basketrio is has a polished finish when it comes to the graphics.  Gameplay is almost seamless and the vibrant colors found everywhere make this casual app eye pleasing.

Even watching ranked matches shows off some rather impressive attention to detail.  It’s easy to just watch and get lost in matches.

Not to mention dunking and long distance shots have an impressive bit of flair to them.

Music & Sounds

There’s an insane amount of free loot!

I couldn’t imagine playing Basketrio without some epic headphones!  The soundtrack meshes incredibly well to the gameplay.

The commentary heard and sounds while playing pull you into the game  It’s a bit reminiscent of NBA Jam, but with a much better gloss and finish.

There are a few different courts, each with their own soundtrack.  While most of the focus is on gameplay, the soundtrack is more of a reward for anyone spectating a game.


Collect contracts to make more players available to use.

Basketrio can be a bit intimidating to some players new to basketball, but most of the tutorials do a great job on how to control your player.

While I maybe inputting my own bias in here, I can’t wait for this casual app to see some controller support.  Basketrio can be absolute nuts with the right controller support.  I’m sure some type of controller mapping could be used, but I’ve always been a fan of built in controller support.

Call me lazy or picky, but don’t call me both.

Outside of that gripe, the actual gameplay is rather smooth.  There’s images and icons that help understand what’s going on during matches.

There’s a ton of different menus to explore outside of matches that can be confusing at times.  Once you get lost a few times looking for free loot, it becomes rather easy to navigate.

The Power of in-app Purchases

Top-Up prices and a bonus for the first purchase can get you started on collecting clothes!

So, the real question is how much money do I need to dump into Basketrio to be good?

Thankfully, it’s nothing at all!  Most purchases will go towards clothing.  There are some items that will improve skills, but it seems a bit of a waste to me.  Playing games will eventually get you the skills you are looking for.

The battle pass is very rewarding in itself, provided you are playing alot.

Finishing quest and challenges in the game will also net you items that can be exchanged for costumes and other actions in game.

The Verdict

Ready to be your team’s MVP?

Overall, Basketrio is the casual sports gaming app I didn’t know I needed!  There’s enough to enjoy for pros and novices alike.

The chat can be a bit overwhelming at times, with regular trash talkers spamming hate, but the chat is also a great way to sign into pre-mades and make friends.

If you need to itch an NBA Jam itch or can’t get over Dunk Nation being closed down, Basketrio is your new app away from home.

Already made it to the Diamond Rank and here to show off?  Drop a comment in the section below and let us know how the grind was along the way!

Happy Gaming, and as always, keep it casual!

Basketrio Overall Score: 5/5

Basketrio Links:

iOS Link:

Android Link:

Company: ALL9FUN LTD

Genre: Sport Games

Rated: 12+

Offers in-app Purchases

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