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Hiya Casual Gamers! I’ve been playing games for as long as the Nintendo has been around! My life is all about points and I’m always up for a good match in any game! I also have a great interest in computer sciences. I’ve created this server and a few other websites for this server. If I’ve peaked your interest in anything, feel free to drop me an email at randomgamer@thecasualappgamer.com and I’ll reply as soon as possible. Happy Gaming, and keep it casual!

Effects of Online Games on Students

Effects of Online Games on Students Taking part in the virtual game can impact students positively and negatively. Some parents think video games only cause harm to their children. Others don’t even bother restricting screen time. Both extremes are equally wrong. Playing them in moderation is the key. The positive impact of online games Improves…

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6 best mobile casual games 2021

6 Best Mobile Casual Games of 2021 Mobile casual games are getting popular with every passing day. People of all age groups can be seen taking a keen interest in playing these games. Playing these games is not only fun, but they can also help you connect with people having a common interest, improve your…

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Crash Delivery

Crash Delivery You will get a chance to try different kinds of vehicles! Switch between a pickup truck, Lamborghini, and even a jet fighter! Show us how far can you jump?! What’s special about Crash Delivery: Amazing 3D Graphic Design Crazy car jumping and car crashing in a high jump car simulator Enormous stunt truck…

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7 Best FireStick-Compatible Games

7 Best FireStick-Compatible Games At The Casual App Gamer, we are going to state a very simple fact- ‘Fire TV Sticks do support online gaming’. Despite the apprehensions and doubts, Fire TV Sticks have evolved into immersive gaming platforms, for those with minimal expectations. While they certainly aren’t capable of matching up to a regular…

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MONOPOLY Solitaire: Card Game

MONOPOLY Solitaire: Card Game Classic Solitaire meets MONOPOLY in this new mash-up brought to you by Hasbro and the original creators of Solitaire! Now is your chance to play these two classic games for FREE and become a MONOPOLY millionaire. Easy to play but impossible to put down, MONOPOLY Solitaire is a relaxing card game…

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Knight’s Edge

Knight’s Edge Choose your weapon and take to the field in KNIGHT’S EDGE! Slay the monsters with your team, racing to see who will come out on top. Do you have what it takes? GAME ON Compete against the other team in quick 3v3 multiplayer matches, racing to see who can defeat the monsters first!…

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