A Beginner's Guide to Sneaky Sasquatch

A Beginner’s Guide to Sneaky Sasquatch

iOS Link: https://apps.apple.com/il/app/sneaky-sasquatch/id1098342019

If you didn’t already know, Sneaky Sasquatch has won the Apple Arcade Game of the Year. To say we’re surprised would be a huge lie. We absolutely loved playing this game so if you haven’t yet tried it, have a look at our tips, and don’t forget to let us know what you think! We’d love to discuss this with you.

Sasquatch is just trying to live his life in his natural habitat at the park but the park rangers aren’t having any of it. Because of this, he now needs to sneak around to be able to steal food, cause mischief, and avoid campers. But when the park’s future is in danger, Sasquatch must do his part to save his beloved home!

Sneak around and explore but stay stocked up on food

By collecting as much food as possible, you will not have to worry about accidentally going without food if you’re on a mission. You can also bank some coins if you have loads of leftovers a there’s a friendly bear who will buy it off of you. The bear will pay you based on the type of food you have, so for example, if something is off, you’ll get a low amount.

Earn coins for helpful rewards

A Beginner's Guide to Sneaky Sasquatch

As we mentioned, selling your food is a great way to earn coins, but there are a few others that’ll help out a lot. The raccoon has its own shop which has numerous items that’ll allow you to participate in activities. For example, if you purchase a golf club and outfit, you will have access to play in a tournament. And if you win, you’ll be gifted an amazing reward of coins.

Stay hidden to avoid campers and park rangers

Don’t rush when you’re walking around the park; it’s very likely you could bump into a camper and you’re going to want to stay out of their direct line of sight. When a camper begins to get suspicious, a meter above their head will fill up. Once it’s full, the camper will be aware of your presence and a ranger will be alerted.

But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean game over. If you can find a berry push and stay completely still, you can escape the chase.

Check every nook and cranny

A Beginner's Guide to Sneaky Sasquatch

The map in Sneaky Sasquatch is fairly large and will take you a while to explore it properly so make sure you give it good thought. It’s very easy to miss things if you’re not keeping an eye out.

Scattered around the map are mini buried treasures and you’ll need to purchase a shovel to access these. If you spot a lump of dirt on the ground, the chances are that this is a digging spot. Sometimes you’ll find a large number of coins, and sometimes it’ll be a small amount. Every little helps, right?!

On top of this, there are some red boxes hidden in the park that contains gold.

Dress up

In a lot of games, dressing up is a trivial thing, but in Sneaky Sasquatch, it can help you out significantly. By wearing the proper attire, you can have access to the park as much as you want without getting caught.

By purchasing a camper outfit, the park rangers and campers will ignore you and think you’re one of them. This will make hunting for food much easier to do.

Go to bed on time

Sneaky Sasquatch has a time he needs to go to sleep, so as you walk around the park, time will pass naturally on its own. If you’re out and it begins to get dark, prepare to journey back home in time. As it becomes dark, Z’s will start to pop out of Sasquatch and this is the final warning before he will drop and nap wherever he is.

If this happens, Raccoon will rescue you and pull you back to your house and the new day will start as usual. The problem with this is that Raccoon will automatically take coins as part of the rescue fee. So make sure you’re home in time to avoid this!

Now you have a general idea of how to play Sneaky Sasquatch effectively, let us know if you enjoy the game, we certainly do!