7 Best FireStick-Compatible Games

7 Best FireStick-Compatible Games

At The Casual App Gamer, we are going to state a very simple fact- ‘Fire TV Sticks do support online gaming’. Despite the apprehensions and doubts, Fire TV Sticks have evolved into immersive gaming platforms, for those with minimal expectations.

While they certainly aren’t capable of matching up to a regular PC game, Fire TV Sticks can give smartphone games a run for their money. Plus, with cloud gaming services getting the recognition they deserve, it is a matter of time that people start taking their streaming devices seriously, to scale beyond console-dependent gaming.

Why the Skepticism surrounding Fire TV gadgets?

Most people rely on streaming devices to get hold of a holistic home entertainment hub. Fire TV Stick, Stick Lite, and Cube are similar resources with video and audio streaming being the usually assigned tasks.

Plus, the Fire TV Stick comes with a limited storage space of almost 6GB, making it unsuitable for on-device gaming.

However, the concept of online gaming and the ability to pair gaming controllers to the Fire TV Sticks allow interested users to invest in a wide range of games. Also, as it an Android device, installing android games isn’t even an issue, provided you know a fair bit regarding Jailbreaking the gadget and side-loading emulators and relevant apps.

Know this about Emulators and Controllers before Proceeding

While most games run on the Fire TV Stick sans hassles, it is always advisable to check for specifications and sideload emulators, provided the game requires the same. The likes of Sega Genesis and SNES can be side-loaded onto the streaming device to make the controllers and graphics more receptive towards game-playing.

Plus, once you have an emulator in play, the Firestick becomes more like a gaming console for dummies. Coming to the controllers, the only way to pair them to Fire TV Stick is by selecting the Bluetooth support, by heading straight to the Settings tab.

You would still need to check the controller specifications before trying to pair.

Best Games: Top 10 Options to Consider

Now that we have taken care of the basics concerning side-loading and Jailbreaking, it is necessary to take a closer look at how the games can be installed in the first place. Most games do not come pre-installed with the Fire TV Stick. You can search for the same via the apps section or use the Alexa-powered remote controller to voice activate your game search.

Once the game app is located, you can always side-load the device. However, if the game isn’t on the Play Store and needs to be sourced from a third-party location, it is good to jailbreak the Fire TV Stick before getting started. Here’s a great place to get started if you are unsure about Jailbreaking the Fire TV Stick or worried that it might void the warranty.

Provided you have done the needful, here are the games that you must consider for experiencing the holistic capabilities of your streaming device:

1. Sonic CD

Nothing runs the Sonic CD better than a widescreen with a 16:9 aspect ratio. While you can always play this game on your Android smartphone, the exhilarating pace and wide-range game-playing possibilities make it one of the better choices even for a non-Smart television.

Despite not being one of the more loaded games, Sonic CD has enough to keep you interested for longer stretches, provided you can quickly get around the travel mechanics and a pretty underwhelming soundtrack.

Overall a racing game that concerns collecting rings and harnessing special abilities to collect the time stones, this game has a lot of aspects to consider and twists to experience.

2. Alto’s Adventure

Needless to say, this is one of the more soothing games that you can indulge in, provided you are still hot from playing the fast Sonic CD. Skiing, the concept behind his arcade game seems like an innovative concept and comes to life when the game is being played on a wider screen.

Plus, if you are into movement mechanics, the game-playing physics is expected to enthrall you to the core as you aim to pull off diverse skiing stunts whilst moving through the most difficult terrains. Also, there are quite a few tricks and visual attributes to feel good about.

This game needs to be purchased but seems like a pretty affable investment owing to the endearing qualities and zero compatibility issues.

3. Quell

If you are into puzzle games, Quell is just the perfect option to consider. Despite being a challenging puzzle, Quell is exceedingly resourceful and quite relaxing. While the gameplay concerns swiping the raindrops and collecting pearls, the obstacles are pretty convincing and might challenge your tactical mettle.

A good thing about Quell is that the development team has included TV Stick in the list of compatible controllers. However, there is no harm in getting a Bluetooth gamepad, just in case the remote stops working.

4. Doom & Destiny

Are you into Japanese role-playing games? If yes, Doom & Destiny is probably the best Fire Stick TV app that you would come across. Basically a retro-styled option, this game allows you to destroy enemies, discover equipment, and even battle out monsters. However, you would still need to spare some change for a Bluetooth controller.

5. Haunt the House

Have you ever been clandestine? Like a ghost to be exact. If not, the Haunt the House gives you an option to revisit the inner crazy. Also termed as the Terrortown, this game puts you in the front seat, where you can dash around the interface like a ghostly shadow.

This game allows you to live out certain fantasies whilst creating a spooky ambiance, all around. Plus, if you are into playing games with the lights turned off, there aren’t many games that can outdo the Haunt the House.

6. Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Here comes our favorite game as it kind of takes us back to the younger days when Sonic the Hedgehog was a fad. Although Sega ported it to a wide range of devices, performances exhibited by the Fire TV and the TV Stick exceeded expectations.

Primarily a race to the finish, this game allows you to don multiple characters, as you sprint through the obstacles for collecting rings or fighting evil.

7. Asphalt 8

If you have a penchant for racing games, nothing works better than the Asphalt 8. Playing the game on your non-Smart TV doesn’t affect the performances as the interface is fairly simple and only requires you to customize the cars and start racing.

Apart from these 7 handpicked games, your Fire TV Stick is capable of running a lot of other options without breaking a sweat. But then, it is always recommended to keep a VPN handy as every game might not be sourced from the play store but a slightly less credible third-party resource.


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