6 Mac Optimization Tips for Gamers



Apple is the world’s largest technology company.  Since 1998, the Mac has been one of its number one selling products. Throughout the years, Apple’s MacBook and its various avatars have always been a great machine for workspace.  When it came to fun times and playing games however, Mac has been a little lacking from Windows PCs.

But Apple has every intention to get into the gaming industry and revolutionize it in its way with Mac. According to TechCrunch, mobile gamers should take their game to the next level and change their gaming platform to macOS already since the change has arrived, albeit slowly. It wouldn’t be long now when gaming pros would come flock to Apple’s camp.

Until that future opens up with possibilities, there are a few hacks gamers can try to optimize their gaming experience on Mac. Some of them are as follows:

  • Memory Usage Should be Reduced Significantly – Memory is the most important feature.  Memory should be free when it comes to the smooth running of games on Mac.  The hard drive must have enough memory to store games, which takes up a lot of space.  This also includes the game’s many upgrades. There are multiple ways to clean your Mac and make it faster to play games by reducing its memory usage. To know more about it, click https://setapp.com/how-to/reduce-memory-usage-on-mac.
  • The OS Features of your Mac should be Disabled – The OS features of your Mac, namely the Notification Center and Dashboard, are not used every day. But they do run in the background and slow up the machine’s processor.  Thus putting an obstacle to running a game smoothly for you to play.
  1. To disable the Dashboard feature, click on the Spotlight icon, go to Utilities under Applications, and then to Terminal. Enter the command: defaults write.com.apple.dashboard mcx-disabled -boolean YES. Next enter: killall Dock.
  2. To disable the Notification Center feature, open the terminal once again and enter the command: launchctl load-w/System/Library/LaunchAgents/com.apple.notificationcenterui.plist. Next enter: killall NotificationCenter.
  3. These changes in your Mac are not permanent. You can always go back the same way to enable both features if you feel the need. Also, in the most recent version of macOS, Apple itself has permanently removed the Dashboard feature.
  • Keep an eye on the Activity Monitor – The Activity Monitor is in-built in all Macs, which can tell you every detail about your computer’s memory, CPU, RAM, and energy usage. You can keep an eye on all the applications in your Mac from the Activity Monitor. If you find any application lagging the processor behind or using up resources, you can terminate it from there itself.
  • Invest in an External Graphics Processor or eGPU – Macs are already equipped with an in-built high-quality display and graphic cards. However, the problem that arises while gaming on Mac is that its in-built graphics might not be compatible with a particular game. This can even slow your machine down or have resolution issues while you are in the game. An External Graphics Processor is an internal video processor. It accelerates applications by providing additional performance, allows 3D gaming with VR content, and even charges your Mac.
  1. But, all those lovely features aside, it is indeed a costly investment. So, before engaging in this financial affair, identify the port and find out if your Mac is compatible with Thunderbolt 3 standard. If not, there’s no need to buy something that’ll cost you that much since there are other hacks you can use to do the same thing an eGPU will provide for you.
  • Play your games in different modes – Every game has its speed and graphics variations. You can play games in either Windowed mode or Full-Screen mode on your Mac. You can also switch between modes and select the most suitable mode for each game according to its speed and graphics.
  • Install Windows on your Mac – Apple hasn’t yet reached the heights with gaming in how Windows PCs have. Games run better in Windows, and you also have a varied selection of games to choose from. You can run Windows and its apps and games remarkably well on your Mac hardware by changing a few games’ graphic settings. To install Windows in your Mac, you have to create your bootable Windows thumb drive, partition your hard drive and install Windows like you normally would, and lastly, install Apple’s driver software, making sure your trackpad, keyboard, volume buttons work as they should.

Mac users throughout the globe who love their playtime as much as their working hours have been keeping their fingers crossed on making Mac a complete machine for all their needs. Apple is a God among technology and software companies, and no doubt, it will bring a revolutionary change in its gaming machines in the future.

Until that time arrives, you have these pro tips and tricks to count on while you enter your gaming nirvana.

We at thecasualappgamer.com can’t wait for this glorious day of playing great games on our Macbooks!

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