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Swish Up

Move the hoop and Make The Perfect Swish Chaine ! Addictive as hell

Swish Up is a new Innovative BasketBall Game Concept ,It’s Free and Verry Addictive , Brain teasing .

Swish Up Links:

iOS Link:

Android Link: Currently Not Available

Company: rui guo

Genre: Indie Games, Games

Rated: 4+


Hey Casual Gamers!  Anytime is a great time to give your favorite indie developer some love.  While we can give most of our digital playtime to bigger companies, a lone developer (and their company if lucky) will put out a gem that changes the game!

Swish Up is a different way to shoot hoops, is this your next casual indie obsession?  Lets go to the review to find out!

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Gameplay Picture
Don’t adjust your phone, Swish Up alters from one set of colors to another after each level completion!

Swish up is the opposite of basketball.  You are now an overpaid hoop with a luxurious backboard girlfriend and studio looking over the city-scape.

But mostly, just a hoop.  Basketballs will come raining down from various directions and your job is to make sure they score.

Perfect shots award a bonus, and enough perfect shots will increase the hoop size to monstrous measures!


Graphics Picture
Don’t let the basketballs miss the hoop or it’s game over!

All Colors alternate between three sets at the end of each level.  It’s pretty relaxing to see if I’m honest.

Outside of that, there’s not much else going on.  Considering the two big pieces of this casual app are captured well, there’s not much else to expect.

A basketball hoop and some basketballs.  What else could you ask for!


Music Picture
The graphics and music combined make for a very casual and soothing experience!

I’m usually the first to slap a playlist on an app and call it a day, but Swish Up caught my ears differently.

I was amazed at all the extra sounds from the ball hitting the rim to all the other sounds of combos.  It’s almost conditioning to expect no sound, but thankfully this isn’t the case.

This casual app could still use a bit of a mix-up with background music, but I’m too chill from it to give it any negative notes.


Controls Picture
Multiple perfect shots increase the size of the hoop to monstrous sizes!

Outside of controlling the hoop with a finger, there’s not much else going on.

Which, is pretty good, considering a hoop doesn’t do much else!

In order to achieve a perfect shot, the basketball must “Swish” in the hoop.  If the basketball touches the rim, it will only count for one point.

The Power of in-app Purchases

In-App Purchase Picture
If you miss, don’t worry! Just take an ad to the face to get back into the action!

This casual app is completely free!

There is however the manner of ads that will display every now and then.  Most of the ads are 30 secs or so and will come when a continue is requested and sometimes after a stage is completed.

You can actually play a few sessions without seeing a full screen ad!

The Verdict

Verdict Picture
It’s time for the equipment to shine!

There’s alot of potential in seeing how well a hoop can do on it’s own.

Indie Games that are done right give new hope to a highly populated community of great games.

There’s also a great niche for games like Swish Up, and for me, it’s one that’s going to stay on the phone for a while!

Killing it as a hoop and want to show us how we could do better?  Drop a comment in the section below and lets see what kind of max score we can get!

Happy Gaming, and as always, keep it casual!

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Swish Up Overall Rating: 5/5

Swish Up Links:

iOS Link:

Android Link: Currently Not Available

Company: rui guo

Genre: Indie Games, Games

Rated: 4+


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