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Modern Ops: Online FPS

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Modern Ops: Online FPS Review!

“Dynamic free multiplayer shooter with PvP battles in real time!


Clash with other players in exciting mobile FPS with never-ending action.


– More than 30 modern lethal guns and camos. Choose your own tactics for battle: pistols, snipers, shotgun, machine guns or rifles

– Join team battles against other players from all over the world on unique maps

– Create your own clan and enjoy team game 5vs5 in various locations playing in a squad

– Compete in ranked seasons and get promoted to higher leagues among other heroes

– Use killstreaks such as drone strike, sentry gun, and attack helicopter. Or even UAV, chopper gunner or rocket launcher

– Intuitive control and easy interface – swipe, aim, and shoot

– Perfect optimization

– Regular updates and new game elements”

Modern Ops: Online FPS Links:

iOS Link:

Android Link:

Company: Edkon games GmbH

Genre: First Person Shooter

Rated: 17+

Offers in-app Purchases


The gameplay is fun and doesn’t last too long!

Being a big fan of first-person shooter games, I was super excited when I came across Modern Ops: Online FPS. Upon seeing the screenshots on the app store, I got the impression that this was a really high-quality game and I was certainly right.

Like most shooting games, it starts off with putting you on a menu screen that shows your player. On the menu, you can customize how your player looks, what team you want to be on (terrorists or counter-terrorists), the type of weapons you would like to use and much more. Once you press the battle button, a loading screen pops up where you wait for other people to join the match. You’re then put on your teammate’s side of the map and as you leave your base you’re going to be greeted with the opposite team shooting at you straight away. As you can see from the video, I wasn’t very good at it and I’ll explain why further on in the post. However, I did find the gameplay to be amusing and not boring as the matches only lasted 5 minutes on average.


The graphics are great and aesthetically pleasing!

I really enjoyed how the graphics looked on Modern Ops: Online FPS – they remind me of Guns of Boom which is also a first-person shooter. They’re smooth and very clear, the only issue I had with one of my matches is that two enemies were stood still and no matter how much I shot them, they didn’t die so this game is likely to glitch.

Music & Sounds

Being honest here, it’s pretty hard to explain the menu music but what I can say is it definitely fits in with the genre. It’s mysterious and gets you ready for the match. Once you’re in the match the music disappears and all you can hear is your own footsteps until an enemy starts shooting at you. I’m glad the actual gameplay doesn’t have any music as I feel that would ruin the feel of it.


The controls are easy to follow!

The controls are where things get a little bit complicated but they’re fine once you get used to them. So there’s a joystick at the bottom left of the screen to move your player and move anywhere on the screen to move your view. In the top right hand of the screen, your available weapons are shown and you can switch them by tapping. Below that there’s a radar button that’ll show you and your team where the enemies are, a grenade button, a health button, and a target. At the bottom, there’s also a jump, crouch and reload ammo button.

At first, I was confused about the controls as I didn’t know how to shoot, but to my satisfaction, it automatically shoots for you. I liked this feature, however, I found it pretty difficult to navigate around the map and kept walking into things.

After a bit of searching around the menu screen, I realized that you can choose where the buttons go on the screen which to me, is an amazing feature.

The Power of in-app Purchases

Purchase credits, gold and a premium subscription from the store!

From the app store, you can purchase credits, gold, and a premium subscription. With these currencies, you’ll be able to purchase a number of weapons like assault rifles, machine guns, and shotguns. You can also purchase different outfits to stand out from the rest of the players as I noticed everyone pretty much looked the same when I was playing it.


  • 2500 credits for 100 gold
  • 6200 credits for 200 gold
  • 17000 credits for 500 gold
  • 85000 credits for 2000 gold


  • Watch an ad for free gold
  • 10,000 gold for £99.99
  • 200 gold for £1.99
  • 500 gold for £4.99
  • 1000 gold for £9.99
  • 2500 gold for £24.99


  • 1 day for £0.79
  • 7 days for £2.99
  • 30 days for £9.99

The Verdict

What did you think of Modern Ops: Online FPS?

I really enjoyed playing this game, mainly for the graphics and the fact you can play it online. However, there was nothing about Modern Ops: Online FPS that stood out to me that makes it different from any other first-person shooter I’ve played. That being said, I would definitely recommend this game to lovers of shooting games.

If you decide to download Modern Ops: Online FPS, let us know what you think and if you agree or disagree with any of the things we said. Happy gaming and stay casual!

Modern Ops: Online FPS Overall Rating: 4/5

iOS Link:

Android Link:

Company: Edkon games GmbH

Genre: First Person Shooter

Rated: 17+

Offers in-app Purchases

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