Line Ball:  Color Smash

Fly and race through this swinging adventure game.

Slide to swing the ball and break the blocks. Avoid the enemy.

Can you reach the end?

Line Ball:  Color Smash Links:

iOS Link:

Android Link: No link at this time!

Company: Jimmy On

Genre: Games, Indie Games

Rated: 4+

Offers in-app Purchases

Hey Casual Gamers!  I wonder what is so epic about balls and destruction.  To me, balls can be considered an unhinged wrecking ball and the world around is just a smashing ground.

I suppose there’s a gentler way of looking at things, but Line Ball attempts to offer a speedy goal smashing casual app that just might sate my need for destruction.  Lets check this Line Ball review!


Line Ball is ideal casual fun!

This could be one of the simplest casual apps you could play today.  Oddly enough, it’s pretty addicting as well.  The main goal is to hit the targets with a ball that’s zip lining through an endless maze.  There are obstacles to dodge and each level gets faster than the last.

This feels more like a time waster, but this is what we casual gamers need when stuck traveling or just waiting somewhere for any random reason.


Colors change after each level!

There’s no mind blowing graphics to see here.  Just a ball trying to hit targets on a rope.

For what that’s worth, it’s pretty seamless and clean in it’s execution.


Even the title screen is pretty casual!

Find your best casual playlist, because Line Ball is pretty silent.  There’s a little bit of sound after each completion, but other than that it’s a silent grind to the top.

There’s always a good need for a casual app like this one to be on your phone.  Casual games like this will calm the mind, which is great if you do anything competitive and need a pause between mentally intensive games.


Dodge the fans or it’s game over!

The Ball is moved with one finger from left to right.  Guide your finger towards the incoming target and get enough points to level up to the next stage.

It’s simple enough to find a groove and combo your way to victory!

The Power of in-app Purchases

A truly free game in a world of micro-transactions!

This is one of the truly free casual games I love talking about!  if you crash and burn in Line Ball, there’s a way to pick up where you died, at the price of one ad.

You really can’t beat a deal like that, consider most of the other casual apps we look at have at least 3-5 ads per session.

The Verdict

Where is your spot on the leader-board?

This is casual gaming done right.  You can’t go wrong with this casual app tucked into your phone.

Who ever knew the simplest things could bring the best joy?

Killing it in this casual app and want to talk about it?  Head to the comment section below and lets us give us your best pointers to improve our casual game.

Happy Gaming, and as always, keep it casual!

Line Ball:  Color Smash Overall Rating: 4/5

Line Ball:  Color Smash Links:

iOS Link:

Android Link: No link at this time!

Company: Jimmy On

Genre: Games, Indie Games

Rated: 4+

Offers in-app Purchases

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