Like a Boss! Review

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Company:  Versus Evil

Genre:  Role Playing

Rated:  E for Everyone ages 10+

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Like a Boss! Puts you in the position of the everyday raid boss defending loots from heroes. A refreshing change?

“Heroes of MMORPGs raid dungeons, search for epic items, go on quests and generally raid the realm for all it’s riches.. at any cost. Now it’s time to become the Boss in the role-playing fantasy world you know from MMOs, but it’s your territory that is being invaded, your riches, and your minions that are being ransacked!”

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be the enemy in a game? Are you sick of always being the goodie? This game is perfect for you! In Like a Boss! you’re playing as the villain rather than the hero.

Although it doesn’t make much difference that you’re the big baddie – you’re still casting spells, whomping things, and tooling up with the rewards you receive. But I guess the idea of the game is nice.

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Like a Boss!  Gameplay

While being a boss of your own, you can help other bosses! Team up with them to wipe out the heroes for more xp!

Like most free-to-play games, Like a Boss! starts with a long-winded tutorial, where most of it didn’t need to be said. Like, they told me where to tap to move when it was pretty obvious where I needed to move to. You get put into the shoes of an evil armor-clad warlord, ready to test out his skills on a new raid.

You get to choose your race and your class. Get the chance to be a  sword swinging warrior, an arrow firing ranger, or a staff-wielding wizard. The game is the same whatever choice you make, even though there are finer details you’ll need to understand for each of the different styles.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll enter the game pitch. You’ll have quite a few minions on your side and you have to tap to move through each dungeon. If you tap an enemy, you’ll attack it. There are also special moves along the bottom of the screen which provide you with extra damage. These are on cooldown timers though, so only use them when you really need to.

You can also utilize the help of other people’s bosses as well. This gives you and other players a good connection and it means you can pick an ally that compliments the role you’ve chosen. You will also get the chance to join guilds with plenty of challenges and achievements to complete. Get the ability to take someone along with you on your raids, and it’s quite helpful in the higher levels. You can also request for equipment parts in the guild and members will be able to donate. But in order to do so, they will need to get tickets, which can be collected by participating in the guild raid. This is a megaraid that every member of the guild helps to progress.

Like a Boss!  Features:

In addition creating a boss based on races, you can add up to six more bosses to your roster!

Role-Playing Game – This is an RPG. You choose a boss from different races and the classic classes like fighter, mage, and ranger. You will level up through a skill tree to specialize in the way you want to become the best boss in the land!

Quest Throughout the Realm – As a new boss, you will need to protect your territory. Go on quests to level up to become the ultimate raid boss in the lands.

Craft Your Gear – Like any MMO or RPG, creating the best weapons and armor is critical to your success. Collect recipes, minerals, and gems to create the most powerful weapons and armor for your boss.

Action RPG – Real bosses don’t just stand there waiting for timers… they grab a sword and wreak havoc on their enemies. Like A Boss features real-time, fast role-playing action.

MMORPG Heroes – The heroes that raid your dungeons use tactics that you have seen before in many battles. They set up strategically, like a good adventuring group should, so tanks are in the front, healers are in the back and all the supporting classes are dealing the most damage they can.

Join a Guild – You didn’t think bosses had guilds, did you? To deal with all these warriors seeking glory, you can team up with other bosses to go on quests throughout the realm that only a group effort can handle!

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Like a Boss!  Graphics

Like a Boss! has relaxing 3d polygons with smooth and detailed levels.

The graphics are nice. They’re 3D and contain striking colors, especially when your boss shoots or dies. The screen isn’t too packed with buttons and power-ups, it isn’t overwhelming and doesn’t put me off playing Like a Boss! You can pretty much play this game with only two fingers at a time.

Like a Boss!  Music

The best way to describe the music is “catchy”, “dark”, and “evil” all at once. The music definitely adds the evil vibe to Like a Boss! as a whole and it feels more authentic.

Like a Boss!  Controls

Like a Boss! has an auto attack feature. You can activate it and watch the bodies hit the floor!

The controls are ridiculously easy. And perfect. Just tap to where you want to move, tap on an enemy to attack them, tap on a special attack and then where you want to fire it, and all that. There’s nothing more to it, no weird, difficult moves. Just simple tapping.

Like a Boss!  The power of in-app purchases

Like a Boss! has decent sales on gems and other in game items!

Like a Boss! has a shop that you can’t unlock until you complete 5 chapters of the game. There are offers you can choose from, such as:

  • Starter Pack – Save 85% – 500 rubies and 10000 diamonds for £0.99
  • Booster Pack – Save 35% – 500 rubies and 1000 diamonds for £4.99
  • A vault of rubies for £23.99, 300 rubies for £2.99, 550 rubies for £4.99, 1,200 rubies for £9.99, 8500 rubies for £48.99 ns 2000 rubies for £99.99. So – it’s a bit pricey!
  • You can also buy chests, artifacts, and potions in exchange for rubies and coins.

The Verdict

Like a Boss! brings an RPG dungeon crawler to life with a dark twist! Go forth and lay waste to heroes!

The verdict? Fun but extremely repetitive. Not a game you can play for a long time without getting annoyed at it.

My favorite part of Like a Boss is the fact you get quite a few great rewards when you complete a chapter, so there isn’t really a big need for spending your real life money. You can play this completely for free. And we all like free things!

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Like a Boss!’s Overall Score:  4/5

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