Food Stylist Review!

“Welcome to Food Stylist – a relaxing, fun game, where you can plate up amazing virtual food dishes and tablescapes.

Play the role of a Food Stylist as you discover new dishes, rise to the challenge of plating up an amazing scene and capture incredible food photos.”

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Company: Zeste

Genre: Casual

Rated: 12+

Offers in-app Purchases


Take on challenges to win!

Food Stylist caught my eye as soon as I saw it on the app store – I’ve never seen anything like it before. When it comes to designing games, I’m usually not very interested but as this revolved around food it seemed like a lot of fun.

You’re given certain tasks and then you’re entered into a competition where other users will vote on which person completed the task the best. For example, my first task was to pick the flavors and toppings for a cake. I went with:

  • Caramel cake base at the bottom
  • Caramel frosting in the middle
  • Chocolate cake base at the top
  • Chocolate toppings
  • A candle in the background

After about two minutes, everyone voted and I came third which I don’t think is too bad considering it was my first go.

I really enjoyed the gameplay as it felt competitive without becoming stressful.


The graphics were very unique!

The graphics were quite cool although I wasn’t sure what to make of them at first. The scenarios looked very real yet fake simultaneously but were perfect for a game like this. I loved the visuals!

Music & Sounds

Now, usually, a muted game would annoy me. However, I think adding any kind of audio to Food Stylist would’ve totally ruined it. This game felt like a social media app, and, well, Instagram doesn’t have music.


Tap to control!

To pick your food and decoration, all you need to do is tap on the items at the bottom and they’ll appear on your creation. The controls were easy to use – I had no complaints.

In-app Purchases

Purchase tokens and gold from the store!

Limited time offers

  • Dark Harvest theme for 70 tokens
  • Salem Food Kit for 75 tokens
  • Coaster Bundle for 50 tokens


  • 80 tokens for £3.49
  • 220 tokens for £8.99
  • 650 tokens for £23.99


  • 100 gold for £1.79
  • 260 gold for £4.49
  • 550 gold for £8.99
  • 1,150 gold for £17.99
  • 3,000 gold for £44.99
  • 6,300 gold for £89.99

With tokens and gold, you can purchase more premium ingredients, making it easier to rank higher when it comes to voting.

The Verdict

What did you think?!

Curiosity got the better of me when it came to this game and I’m so glad I played it. It was a lot of fun and totally different from any other stylist game I’ve played before.

If you decide to download Food Stylist, let us know what you think and if you agree or disagree with any of the things we said. Happy gaming and stay casual!

Food Stylist Overall Rating: 4/5

iOS Link:

Android Link:

Company: Zeste

Genre: Casual

Rated: 12+

Offers in-app Purchases

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