Auto Brawl Chess: Battle Royale Review!

“Auto Brawl Chess is an auto battler strategy RPG game, in the royal battle genre. Enjoy classic auto chess mechanics plus fast-paced 5-minute matches, ranked, and insane mode. On top of that, PvE and PvP mode, guild wars, dungeons, and a whole PvE campaign called “Journey”. The most unique and complete auto chess game where strategy is a key, but luck also plays a role!”

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Company: Panoramik Games

Genre: Strategy

Rated: 9+

Offers in-app Purchases


Fight until the last team is standing!

Auto Brawl Chess starts with you getting into a fight in a pub, and transitions to the game board that resembles a chessboard. Although this game has chess in the title, I can’t actually see where in the gameplay it’s anything like chess. If anything, it’s more like an auto fighting game.

I’m not the biggest fan of auto games, mainly because I don’t see the point in them. I love being able to control absolutely everything that happens to my character(s), not just sit there and watch it for myself. If I wanted to watch a game without doing anything, I would watch some Twitch streamers.


The visuals are great!

Although I’m not huge on the gameplay, I think the visuals are great and each character seems to have their own personality and abilities that shine through. This is great for a game like this as the graphics are usually poor.

Music & Sounds

If I was to explain the music in Auto Brawl Chess with one word, it would be generic. It’s very basic for a fighter game and the constant sounds get irritating. If I was to continue playing this game, I don’t think I could with the sound on. However, I don’t feel as if the sound is needed to have a good go with it!


Tap to add players!

As I said, this is an auto fighter game, however, there are a few controls to remember. You need to tap the heroes you want to use before a game and decide where you want to place them on the board. For example, it’s worth putting heroes that can take more attacks at the back to back up their teammates.

The Power of in-app Purchases

Purchase an array of items to improve your experience!

Unique Deals

  • Rookie Pack for £4.99
  • Champion Pack for £9.99

Starter Pack

  • 150 gems, 10000 gold, 5 common scrolls, and 5 brass keys for £4.99

Heroes Summon

  • Hero Summon x1 for 1 scroll
  • Hero Summon x5 for 1 scroll
  • Champion Summon x1 for 500 gems
  • Champion Summon x5 for 2250 gems
  • God Summon x1 for 1 ancient scroll
  • God Summon x5 for 5 ancient scrolls


  • Adventurer’s Suit x5 for 1 brass key
  • Adventurer’s Suit x50 for 10 brass keys
  • Enchanted Armor x5 for 250 gems
  • Enchanted Armor x50 for 2250 gems
  • Divine Armor x5 for 1 golden key
  • Divine Armor x50 for 10 golden keys


  • 500 gems for £4.99
  • 2500 gems for £19.99
  • 6500 gems for £48.99
  • 14000 gems for £99.99


  • 5000 gold for 60 gems
  • 50000 gold for 500 gems
  • 500000 gold for 4500 gems
  • 1000 gold for free every four hours

The Verdict

What did you think of Auto Brawl Chess?!

Auto Brawl Chess isn’t a game I’d personally come back to, mainly because I’m not a fan of auto games. However, if this is a game where you could control the attacks, I think I’d find it really fun. I’m not going to keep this on my phone as I don’t think I’ll ever want to play it.

If you decide to download Auto Brawl Chess, let us know what you think and if you agree or disagree with any of the things we said. Happy gaming and stay casual!

Auto Brawl Chess: Battle Royale Overall Rating: 2/5

iOS Link:

Android Link:

Company: Panoramik Games

Genre: Strategy

Rated: 9+

Offers in-app Purchases

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